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Filling out a bracket this year? Let's compete with the rest of the community!

Compete with the rest of Hustle Belt community to see who the best bracket filler-outer is around these parts!

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

With the NCAA Tournament set to be fully announced tonight at 7 p.m., be prepared to have a folded up bracket in your pocket at work to show off to everybody (and I mean everybody). While you're at it, join our pool to see which reader or writer is the best at filling in a bracket for this year.

For starters, click here to manually join our Yahoo! Tourney Pick'em pool. I've made it private just so the run of the mill bracket wanderer and join our group without knowing the community first. Said person probably wouldn't be reading this, so the password is Moss23PoY. You can only put one bracket for this. People that put in fifty brackets aren't fun. Join in and tell your friends!

I know last year we had a t-shirt as a giveaway, but I'm the worst person ever and was unable to get that or any sort of prize for you all. I apologize for that. On the bright side, I'm horrible at making brackets (example: I picked Kansas to beat UNI in 2010. What a mistake!), so at least you get to have bragging rights over making brackets better than me.

Good luck to your brackets! Have a merry #FreeThrowAwarenessMonth!