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NCAA Tournament open chat: Let the chaos commence

Round of 64 is my second favorite 64 to Nintendo, but still very entertaining.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


In a world where we're always upset to see what the news brings us on TV, these few days will change the stigma of "upsets" and we'll all cry if Kentucky loses to Hampton tonight. That would unfortunately end the 0.0000000000000000004 percent chance of there being a Kentucky/Robert Morris rematch in the finals, but the world would be a better place for it anyways.

If you haven't already joined our Yahoo! Tourney Pick'em league, please click here and remember to use the password Moss23PoY to join.

For those of you that like to kick it old school and write things out with pen and paper but still need a printable bracket, here's a PDF version of the bracket for you to fold up, put in your pocket and show your coworkers!

What big games do you have in your bracket? Kentucky over Duke? Wisconsin over Virginia? Buffalo over West Virginia (of course you do)? Wichita State over Kansas? Iowa State over everybody else?

Best of luck to you and all of your brackets!