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NCAA Tournament open chat, how to watch, stream

No Buffalo? Oh well, we can still try to enjoy this thing as it rides itself out, no?

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Life in a one-bid conference can be #rough. The Buffalo Bulls, the lone MAC representative in the NCAA Tournament, was knocked out in the first round by 5-seed West Virginia Mountaineers. A lot of us had UB in the Sweet 16 (guilty), which really sucks because it could've been super romantic for the Bulls to beat Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats in Cleveland for way too many reasons.

Alas, we are stuck with watching the Mountaineers play a third game and you would've been silly not to pick Kentucky to win it all anyways, but that's just my $0.02.

How's our Yahoo! Tourney Pick'em Pool going?

HB Tourney Pick'em through Ro32

Schedule of today's games

Time Game TV
7:15 pm 3. Notre Dame vs. 7. Wichita St. CBS
7:47 pm 1. Wisconsin vs. 4. UNC TBS
approx. 9:45 pm 1. Kentucky vs. 5. WVU CBS
approx. 10:17 pm 2. Arizona vs. 6 Xavier TBS

Schedule for tomorrow's games

Time Game TV
7:15 pm 2. Gonzaga vs. 11. UCLA CBS
7:37 pm 4. Louisville vs. 8. NC State TBS
approx. 9:45 pm 1. Duke vs. 5. Utah CBS
approx. 10:07 p.m. 3. Oklahoma vs. 7. MSU TBS

Stuck at work? Or just stuck somewhere where you can't watch these games on TV? Try out the NCAA March Madness Live app to stream the games instead.