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Belt's Beer Garden: Uinta good beer? Me too! Here's some more you should try

I've got two for ya this week, a tangerine IPA and a saison from Uinta.

"For a quart of ale is a dish for a king" – William Shakespeare
"For a quart of ale is a dish for a king" – William Shakespeare

Well this week I was on my own again but still found the time to bring you two new beer reviews. This week I've got beers from Salt Lake City and Milwaukee, both of which will make you reminisce about summer and hate the fact that winter is still hanging around.

First up, from Uinta Brewing their Cahoots Saison:


Uinta Brewing is out of Salt Lake City, Utah and has been making beers since way back in 1993 in a mechanic's garage. Three years later they were bottling and by 2001 they had relocated to a huge 26,000-foot facility, which is run on 100% wind and solar power. Most of their beers are named after Utah landscapes or historically significant events )and are also quite tasty). They distribute to the entire West Coast, nearly all of the East Coast, and Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio. If you don't know if they're by you, here's their handy beer finder to find out.

Cahoots is a saison made with grapefruit peel, orange peel, coriander, and seeds of naturally I needed to try it. It's out of their Crooked Line of beers and they just released a rye double IPA with the same name, so be careful when buying. This beer pours a light golden-copper color and has plenty of head topping it. It smells like a typical farmhouse/saison, but with hints of tropical fruits.

After the foam had subsided enough for me to drink it, Cahoots has the carbonated feel that all saisons have, but has a rather simpler taste. The initial taste of the beer is rather smooth and subtle, the grapefruit and orange don't overpower the beer and are actually hidden. There is a spice to the aftertaste, as the coriander and seeds of paradise form the backbone of the beer, lingering on your tongue after the first few sips. It's quite refreshing and, I'll admit, I wanted to go back for more again and again.

It's a dangerous beer. Not because it's so high in alcohol content, but because you get so much of it. Cahoots is only 6% ABV but it's only sold in 25.4 ounce bottles (750 mL) and, if you're like me, sharing beer is very difficult. And since it's so easy to drink, I'll be shocked if anyone wants to share it. I know I sure didn't.

It's also not terribly priced, at $7.99 for the huge bottle. I must say, if I come across this again, I'm buying it on the spot. There is something I really like about it - the taste, the smoothness, the sheer amount I get. Uinta struck gold in this beer. 8.5/10


Next up is a refreshing tangerine IPA from Horny Goat.

tango delta

Horny Goat Brewing Company comes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and began back in 2008. Their mission was to make great beers while keeping it light hearted, as some of their names suggest (like Horny Blonde, Baby Got Bock, and Exposed). You can find them in every MAC state plus others in the Midwest, South, and even out in Colorado and Arizona.

Tango Delta pours a light golden color and has quite a bit of carbonation. When poured, you could hear the beer fizzing as the foam took shape, nearly two fingers worth by the time it ended. But as quickly as it builds up, it dissipates, leaving you with just the beer and thin layer of bubbles. The aroma of tangerines, some spices, and a slight hoppy bitterness filled the area near the glass - the smell was potent to say the least, but quite inviting.

The first sip was a question mark for me. It was good. The tangerines were not as strong as I thought they would be and I picked up more of the spices in the taste than I did in the smell. Curiosity drove me back for more. There are hints of pine amongst the spices and some hoppy bitterness (as it's 69 IBU, that's somewhat expected). But there is also a thickness to this beer that lingers on your tongue...almost like the sugar from the tangerines made it more syrupy.

This beer is average in most regards: taste, ABV (6.8%), price (four 16 ounce cans for $8.99). And yet, I kept going back for more. For some unknown reason, I'm slightly glad that there are more in my fridge...don't ask me why. It's not a complex or pinky-out beer. It's just an easy drinking, makes-you-wish-it-was-summer type of beer. 7/10

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