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Hustle Belt predicts MAC Tournament winners

Who will win the MAC Tournament? Over who? Why?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Kaleb:​ Winner: Kent State. Runner-Up Central

The 3-point prowess of this Golden Flashes team comes up big when it needs to, knocking off a strong-showing Northern Illinois squad, Buffalo (as the Golden Flashes find a way to limit the effectiveness of either Justin Moss or Shannon Evans) and the Chippewas who don't show up at the grandest stage of them all (Cleveland at Quicken Loans of course).

Golden Flashes are your MAC champs, and Devareaux Manley is the tournament MVP.

Brown & Gold: Winner: Toledo, Runner-Up: Buffalo

I'm not sure why, but I have a feeling Toledo wins this. They'd first get a tired EMU team and want revenge or BG, a rival who could be without Richaun Holmes. Either way, I think they win, then get CMU, who could go cold from 3 any time and be screwed. I think Buffalo makes it out based on the double-bye, but a double OT game against Kent State leaves them exhausted physically and emotionally to get up for the MAC Championship whereas Juice will have his team ready to go after last year's blow-out loss.

James: I believe it's gonna be CMU and Buffalo in the MACC, with CMU winning.

There's no one in CMU's bracket that poses a threat besides Toledo (0-2 vs. CMU,) and BGSU (1-0 vs. CMU, but has to play four games to get to the Chips.)

Buffalo is finally coming to form and should be able to take care of any challenges that arise, though Kent should be an interesting light up.

When it comes to the actual matchup, CMU dominated Buffalo in-season as they are a perfect mismatch for the Bulls. Cleveland is also closer to Michigan than New York, and CMU's inexperience should be balanced out by their prior experience with the Bulls. I don't necessarily want to come out and say it for fear of bad stuff for my alma mater, but CMU just has the feel of a team of destiny.

Alex: I'm taking Kent State over #3MU in the MAC final. I just have this gut feeling that I'm going to ride with Kent State. If Deveraux Manley can do his thing, and Central gets to a slow enough start, it could get ugly quick. Sometimes  you just have a bad night shooting, theirs could come at the worst time.

Keith: Winner: Keith
Runner up: Keith

The most epic battle since The Adventures of Link.

Justin Coffin: Buffalo beats Toledo. This is so tough because teams at the back end of the bracket are playing so well - looking at you NIU. I just don't think any of the opening night teams will have enough gas in the tank to take down the fresh off super bye teams. I think Bufdalo is the best of the straight-to-Cleveland squads, but picking them is less about the Bulls and more about the unlikelihood of the lower seeded schools making a 5 straight win run through the 10th best conference (per RPI anyway) in basketball.

Matt Gritz: UMass over Temple?

Oh, excuse me, that wasn't right. Keith over UMass.

The Chuck: UCF over Marshall

Jesse Allen: Winner: The Fans Loser: The Haters
Cause Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate, but fans just gonna shake shake shake shake shake it off.