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Hustler of the week: Perry Kitchen, D.C. United

Perry "I'm gonna get all up in your grill then score two goals" Kitchen is your Hustler of the Week after scoring both goals in D.C. United's 2-2 draw with the New York Red Bulls on Saturday. *Cue President Obama giving a cool salute from a front-row seat in RFK Stadium and the Secret Service throwing Kitchen a rager.*

Perry Kitchen scored both of United's goals on Saturday.
Perry Kitchen scored both of United's goals on Saturday.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There's nothing I love more than a good defensive midfielder. The players that choose to take on this task are saddled with not only sitting back and protecting the back four, but also linking play between attack and defense.

And when a defensive mid scores in a game, I'm ecstatic. When a DM, who just so happens to be a former Akron player, scores both his team's goals and does a reasonable job on the defensive end, you get my Hustler of the week award.

Perry Kitchen did all of those things on Saturday, helping D.C. United to a 2-2 draw with the New York Red Bulls.

His first goal was a testament to his height and strength, as he soared above his marker and put a powerful header into the back of the net from about six yards out.

His second goal was more about finesse, as he fired a hard shot low and into the corner of the net, passed an outstretched Luis Robles.

Both goals are in this highlight video:

In a week where quite a few MAC players impressed in their respective teams, Kitchen stood out the most, and that's why he wins it this week.

But while Kitchen may have won Hustler of the week, Dillon Serna of the Colorado Rapids deserves Goal of the week for this absolute stunner against FC Dallas.

Although the goal helped end the Rapids' nearly 600-minute goalless drought, it came when Colorado was already up 3-0 in the 85th minute.

But keep scoring goals like that, and Serna might just find himself with this award sooner rather than later.