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Chris Jans Firing: Former Bowling Green coach's bar behavior documented in video, email account

Chris Jans' surprising dismissal from Bowling Green comes as a result of inappropriate bar behaviour following the Falcons' final game of the season.

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Though Bowling Green has remained silent, as they promised in their morning release, more information surrounding Chris Jans' dismissal continues to leak out.

In the last few hours, it seemed that the unspecified "recent public conduct" in the official release was in fact drunken misbehaviour at a bar following Bowling Green's season-ending loss to Canisius.

Various members of the media began alluding to a cell phone video of the incident in question, and in the last hour WTOL's Jordan Strack has posted both the short video and an email from the filmer directed to Bowling Green Director of Athletics Chris Kingston.

The video is short but clearly shows a man making unwanted contact with a woman before a second woman confronts him. The email alleges that Jans' behaviour continued with other women throughout the night and escalated to the point where assistant coaches needed to intervene and this family decided to leave the bar rather than continue their night.

The picture above may be too small to read, but Deadspin, through a public records request, has acquired Bowling Green's official dismissal letter, which includes a more detailed account of the night.

Jans Termination by Deadspin