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Who is still on the Bowling Green basketball team?

This is a serious question.

Michael Huger has a lot of work to do
Michael Huger has a lot of work to do
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

You may think this is a satirical piece at first, but it's definitely real and definitely a concern for fans of the Bowling Green men's basketball program.

After Chris Jans' untimely (but justified) firing, BG alum Michael Huger was brought in to keep a strong roster in tact for next season. That has gone horribly wrong, as an unprecedented five players with eligibility departed from the program. On top of that, three regular rotation players graduated. Overall, ten players who were on the roster at the start of last season have left the program.

Although none of the players have been officially released from their scholarships by the school, they are listed on a couple transfer lists floating around online. The five (potential) transfers are: Jovan Austin, J.D. Tisdale, Spencer Parker, Delvin Dickerson, and Zack Denny. The three graduates are Richaun Holmes, Jehvon Clarke and Anthony Henderson.

Bowling Green's top six scorers from last year and seven of the top eight are now gone. A staggering 87% of the team's scoring and 86% of the total rebounds per game last season is no longer on the team.

So who's still left? Well, not much.

David Joseph is the highest scoring returnee at four points and two rebounds per game. Josh Gomez and Garrett Mayleben are the only two other scholarship players who gained playing time last year and are currently still on the roster. Big man Rasheed Worrell redshirted last year, so he'll have a full four years as a Falcon.

Newcomers include freshmen Jalone Friday, DeMajeo Wiggins and Malik Hluchoweckyj. JUCO verbal Jamir Andrews just got a release from his National Letter of Intent, even after Huger flew out to see Andrews to convince him to stay. Without considering walk-ons, that's seven players committed to next year's scholarship count if the reported transfers receive their release.

The world's biggest understatement is that Huger has a huge challenge ahead of him. Things couldn't of gotten off to a worse start, but there's nowhere to go but up. I would think with such little time left in the recruiting season, Huger would have to look at graduate transfers and under-the-radar JUCO guys to fill out scholarships. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks, but we wish Huger all the best.

The MAC is a better conference when programs like Bowling Green are competitive, so the quicker the Falcon program can get up off of the mat the better. Of course, things won't look as bleak if a couple of the reported transfers choose to stay. Let's hope that some stick around and BG isn't in the MAC basement next season.