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Hustle Belt predicts the NFL Draft, undrafted free agents

Who will go where? Who will get drafted? Won't? We have no idea what we're talking about it, so you should join in on the fun.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Draft predictions might be the single worst thing ever in sports. But hey, we all like to throw our arms up in triumph when we're know-it-alls and brag about how we're basically scouts at this point. And if we're wrong then, well, that's probably because we're the exact opposite of all of that.

For our predictions, I asked which players from the MAC will be drafted in which round, by which team, and then the first ten players to be taken as an undrafted free agent. Pretty straight-forward. With the way trades work, no need to predict the exact pick number. Doing these by rounds are more appropriate, I feel. I'll shut up now.

'Brown and Gold'

Quinten Rollins - 2, Pittsburgh Steelers

Titus Davis - 5, Indianapolis Colts

Donald Celiscar - 6, Oakland Raiders

Leterrius Walton - 6, St. Louis Rams

Da'Ron Brown - 7, New England Patriots

... I'm dropping out of the 2nd portion.

Blake Samanas

Quinten Rollins, 2, Carolina Panthers

Titus Davis, 4, Houston Texans

Leterrius Walton, 5, Buffalo Bills

Greg Mancz, 5, Cincinnati Bengals

Junior Sylvestre, 6, Kansas City Chiefs

Dechane Durante, 7, New York Giants

UDFA: Jean Sifrin, Kristjan Sokoli, Donald Celiscar, Thomas Rawls, Da'Ron Brown, D.J. Lynch, Gabe Martin, Jeremiah Detmer, Jahwan Edwards, Tyreese Russell

Max Moore

Quinten Rollins, 2 Pittsburgh Steelers

LT Walton, 5 Indianapolis Colts

Jean Sifrin, 5 Miami Dolphins

Titus Davis, 6 Kansas City Chiefs

Greg Mancz, 7 Cincinnati Bengals

Gabe Martin, 7 New Orlean Saints

UDFA: Donald Celiscar, Thomas Rawls, Junior Sylvestre, Kristjan Sokoli, DJ Lynch, Dechane Durante, Casey Pierce, Jahwan Edwards, Da'Ron Brown, Jeremiah Detmer

James Jimenez

"Quinterception" Rollins: 3rd to San Diego

Titus Davis: 4th to Chicago

Greg Mancz: 5th to New York Jets

Leterrius Walton: 6th to San Francisco

Donald Celiscar: 6th to Oakland

Junior Sylvestere: 7th to Jacksonville

Jean Sifrin: 7th to New England

UDFA: Rawls, Quake, DJ Lynch, Gabe Martin, Sokoli, Detmer, Dechane Durante, Casey Pierce, Andrew Hendrix.

Alex Alvarado

Quinten Rollins: 3rd round, Detroit Lions

Leterrius Walton: 6th round, New Orleans Saints

Titus Davis: 6th round, Miami Dolphins

Donald Celiscar: 7th round, Oakland Raiders

UDFA: Dechane Durante, Jahwan Edwards, Jean Sifrin, Kristjan Sokoloji, Jeremiah Detmer, David Frazier, Da'Ron Brown, Casey Pierce, DJ Lynch, Thomas Rawls