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Jean Sifrin featured in Sports Illustrated article

The Monday Morning Quarterback with Peter King blog through Sports Illustrated posted a feature story about NFL Draft prospect Jean Sifrin, former tight end for the Massachusetts Minutemen. Emily Kapman is the author of the story, and does a great job of talking about Sifrin's life and how he got to where he is now.

I absolutely loved it. It's pretty lengthy, and I think this deserves some teasers for the MAC fans that are on the fence about reading this.

She goes over how draftable he is

Sifrin looks like he's ready for the NFL. He's a hulking specimen, a tight end with a classic power forward build and oven-mitt sized hands. In his first Division I game, last September, he made an Odell Beckham-esque end zone grab against Colorado, a play that made the SportsCenter highlight loop. "He's just so raw, and there's not much tape to grade," said one NFC scout. "But he probably has the highest athletic ceiling that I've seen."

You'll read about Sifrin's upbringings

Sifrin got his first job at age 15, washing cars in Carol City; he'd take home $4 for every sedan he scrubbed. He wanted to play sports but couldn't commit to school-sponsored teams because he kept relocating,...

Sifrin was a young father that worked hard, but times were really tough for him

Jean was 19 when he became a father. Jabari was born, and Jean sought stability. At the sales job, he'd sometimes walk home with as little as $30 a day.

Sifrin had a nickname with the team before he was even a part of the team

His teammates called him "Uncle." Well, they weren't exactly teammates yet—Sifrin wasn't officially on the team. Because of the El Camino English class, he needed three credits to become eligible.

Okay, enough teasers. Just read it by clicking here.