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Why is America fascinated with all of these silly musicals?

Seriously, why are Pitch Perfect and High School Musical hits?

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

With the return of Summer, comes the return of Belt Loops.  Oh how we have miss thee.

And with first honors, I want to ask an important question, "why are musicals a popular thing?"  Namely, I apply this to the more recent sensations such as Pitch Perfect and High School Musical (and Glee, oh how I hate that show), but even Les Mis somehow made it to cinema.

I don't mind the theater aspect, but if I'm watching a movie, I don't want it to be mostly singing.  If I wanted that, I'd listen to a CD or Pandora.  AMIRITE SANE PEOPLE?  We, as a nation, need to come together and right this wrong. Where did we go astray and just settle for, "you know what we haven't tried?  Music!" instead of pulling creativity out of our asses like the good ole days (and rip-off books and comics instead! YEAH DOUBLE STANDARDS RULE!)

But I digress, this Summer, basic college kids everywhere will be raving over another singing moving.  And while we may not be able to work around it, at least we have Star Wars awaiting for us this December.

Welcome back, daily Belt Loops.