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If I had to guess, you probably have opinions about Tom Brady

Don't act like you don't have opinions about Tom Brady: he's Tom Brady for crying out loud!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Turn on the television. Put ESPN on. If Tom Brady and "Deflategate" isn't the first thing that you see, then you're probably not watching ESPN after all.

Tom Brady, who is not the quarterback for my NFL team, was hit with a $1 million fine and will serve a 4-game suspension next season while the New England Patriots lose a first round draft pick for next year and a fourth round pick in 2017. No matter which side of the fence you're on, you know that losing draft picks like that seems pretty freaking big. For some reason, Tom Brady just grows to be more and more erotic to talk about whether you like it or not.

Do I have hot takes about this whole situation? Absolutely. We all do. Anything that's been on TV for too long will always give people hot takes. That's just science. Want to know who else has hot takes?

Jay Williams

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft

Spencer Hall

Ryan Nanni

Keith Olbermann

Mike Francesa

White House press secretary Josh Earnest

Jon Bois

Unfunny New York Jets fans

oh God, no