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Weekend watches: Steph Curry in the playoffs, Max Scherzer vs. Andrew Cashner

What're you watching this weekend?

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Five days a week, we'll have a new Belt Loops post for you to read every morning. They'll range from anything to everything, but we'll still have some consistencies. On Tuesdays, Keith will find out what's making headlines around our MAC campuses and I'll be checking the guide to see what you could watch this weekend. From games to shows to movies to something on the internet, I'll help you and your viewing pleasures out.

In any case, we like to treat them as daily open chats. Drop us a line, take your shoes off at the door.

Loops from this week

NBA Playoffs

The NBA Playoffs is still on. The Cleveland Cavaliers get to rest up and before their matchup in the Eastern Conference Finals is decided. The Atlanta Hawks are up 3-2 on the Washington Wizards after Al Horford helped them claim Game 5 at the buzzer two nights ago. If the Hawks can't close the deal tonight at 7pm on ESPN, then Game 7 will be played on Monday at 8pm on TNT.

STEPH CURRY ALERT! 9:30 on ESPN, the top-seeded Golden State Warriors will try to complete their series with the Memphis Grizzlies tonight, already leading 3-2 after back-to-back wins. If this should go to Game 7, then the Warriors will play at home on Sunday.

Whether Golden State plays that extra game or not, we'll at least have the LA Clippers and Houston Rockets to watch on Sunday. The Clippers had a hellacious fourth quarter last night to put a Game 7 back to Houston.

NHL Playoffs

A pair of Game 1's will be going on this weekend. There's no NBA on Saturday, and the Tampa Bay Lightning vs. New York Rangers series will begin at 1pm. Sunday at 3 pm, there's the Chicago Blackhawks at the Anaheim Ducks. I don't like hockey, so go Ducks I think.

Washington Nationals at San Diego Padres series

Turns out the Nationals are actually going to have to really cover some ground early if New York Mets keep it up. They also need better talent down the stretch, like adding a big bat to the lineup. Until then, the Nationals aren't leading the NL East by eight and a half games right now like everybody expected them to, and the Padres provide some awesome competition.

Saturday is Max Scherzer vs. Andrew Cashner. I don't have any reason for this, but I have a huge love for Cashner. And Scherzer himself is pretty compelling. Then you've got Bryce Harper hitting home runs, then getting ejected, which is cool if you're into that sort of stuff. Wil Myers wrist is hurting so he won't be playing, but at least Justin Upton is still playing great with eight home runs and eight stolen bases this season.

via the Internet


I've seen this plenty of times before with different personalities' renditions of this story. First off, it's a highlight from ten years ago that happened as a positive thing for the New York Mets. An old, overseas relief pitcher bats for the first time ever in his professional life. It starts out as pathetic as you'd expect, but then something happens, which is why Jon Bois made a video about it ten years later.

1987 EMU Hurons Road Warriors highlights

It's still May, which means football isn't until forever still. I don't sip my expectations through the roof any more (or at least temporarily) but I still like to watch things to get me excited for Eastern Michigan football. Why wouldn't I? This is one video that I frequent to just so I can get my fangirl in for a little bit. I met Ron Adams once; really cool guy.

Mr. Jones official music video

Why? Because I think the music video is extremely unusual. Had you not already known that Counting Crows is a rock band from California in the 90's, you'd probably guess that Counting Crows was from Berkeley, California and the early 90's is just a given. Adam, I don't know what you're doing. Not a single clue. I don't know if this song is supposed to make me feel sad or lovely or what. I still love the hell out of this song because I'm admittedly really 90's and really basic, but I always refer to this song as "the one with a really goofy music video."

What I'll be watching

Well, what I watch is pretty limited due to my current work schedule. That, and having a life (just kidding). But right now I'm actually hooked on Gilmore Girls. I started watching it on Netflix about a week ago. The episodes are about 44 minutes long and there's 21 episodes in the first season, otherwise I'd be on season three of The Office at this rate.

I'm only 14 episodes in. I won't give away any spoilers, but for those of you that have seen it: 1) Rory and Paris become bffs right? This show is so corny I love it. 2) When does Dean go away? I know he's just 16 years old but Jesus he's such a booger. 3) I'm already preparing for the day that Lorelai and Luke have to part ways. That's on the list of things I'm expecting to happen.