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Let's pretend Everett Golson came to the MAC instead

What can the former Golden Domer do for YOUR favorite #MACtion team?

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Two years ago, Everett Golson emerged from seemingly nowhere and led Notre Dame to an undefeated regular season on the way to the National Championship in the twilight of the BCS Era. This week, Golson announced that he has transferred to Florida State after seemingly losing his job to Malik Zaire in South Bend. All of that is fine and dandy, but that doesn't stop us from trying to project how he'd look in your favorite MAC team's offense. Let's throw out some wild theories, shall we?

MAC East:


Terry Bowden beams with pride as Golson walks into the facility for first practice, immediately supplanting the Indomitable Kyle Pohl. Golson is the biggest celebrity in Akron next to LeBron James, and is extremely promising in the first game at home, going for six TD's and 500 yards total vs. the cupcake. Golson also starts at running back for one game because Bowden feels bad for poor Kyle. Sadly, Akron collapses as they normally do and finish 4-8 for the season.

Bowling Green:

This GIF. This is what the offense would look like with Golson at QB. 


Lance Leipold likes his quarterbacks. He offered four of them a couple weeks back. ON THE SAME DAY. So he'd convert all those guys to receivers and backs, play Golson at QB, then introduce the quintuple option. Golson would thrive as the primary option, and teams would be so confused, they would go undefeated, only to lose 100-2 in the national championship vs. Ohio State.

Kent State: Finally, Coach Haynes runs into a bit of luck! A great prospect that can ignite the offense, oh lucky day! And he's not injured! A special package is drawn up to where Golson could line up at back, receiver, or under center at any given play. It's called the Wild Flash formation, and the Golden Flashes thrive.... alas, if only Golson could play offensive line. Golson is injured brutally three games into the season after a fiery start, and Colin Reardon is forced into relief duty. Kent finishes 3-9.


The Miami Dame Fighting RedHawks add another member to a team that just needs consistency in order to be a good team. Golson lifts up the offense enough to pick up some big upsets, but a lack of a supporting cast will doom his run in Oxford. Miami finishes just outside of bowl contenton at 5-7.


He gets converted to running back and racks up a zillion yards with AJ Ouelette.


Blake Frohnapfel aka Frumpy Appel ain't giving up his starting spot so easy. I mean, he was first team All-MAC last season despite a leg injury and a 3-9 record. And he's a Marshall graduate. Brawlin' 101 is a requirement there. And the coach's son Austin Whipple is in the fold too. Ultimately, he wins the job since the Minutemen want to improve their image pre-independence, and guides UMass to a bowl game. Feel free to celebrate accordingly, Jesse.

MAC West:

Ball State:

Golson decides that staying in Indiana isn't so bad, and goes down to Muncie to lead the Card-- WAIT EVERETT, WHERE ARE YOU GOING? COME BACK!

Apparently, he has a thing about Cardinals. And Charlie Cardinal. /shudders/ I don't blame him.

Central Michigan:

Golson brings some of that St. Brain Kelly magic back to Mt. Pleasant and weaves spells on opposing defenses, helping Coach Bono have a successful opening campaign, with a huge "upset" victory over a Power Five squad. However, Central has their requisite close loss, and at least two, maybe three bafflingly bad losses to finish the season 8-4.

Eastern Michigan:

From Day 1, Everett is all in. He puts on the hard hat. He punches in his figurative time card. He runs The Factory, and does something fellow Power Five transfer QB Rob Bolden and former heralded recruit Brogan Roback couldn't do: bring a winning season to Ypsilanti. Miracles can happen, ya'll! * prayer emoji *


Golson: So you're telling me this is a run first offense?

Carey: Yep.

Golson: AND I get to wear these dope uniforms?

Carey: A-yup.


Golson goes on to win a Heisman and get drafted into the NFL, just to be converted to running back and play in the CFL the next year. (Hi Jordan Lynch.)


Toledo are immediate favorites to win the West again. Everett Golson and Phillip Ely, two Power Five transfers with something to prove, duke it out in spring camps, feeding Alonzo Russell and Kareem Hunt early and often. Golson is ultimately given his chance and runs with it. (Literally.) The Rockets get off to a flying start, winning three out of four, and compete for most of the MAC season as well before vastly under-performing in the last three weeks of the season, watching helplessly as they lose out on the division for the millionth time in the last decade. Golson finishes with about 4,500 yards and about 24 total TD's, 15 of them to Russell and the rest to Kareem Hunt, who wins the Heisman. 

Western Michigan:

ROW. ROW. ROW. (Actual rowing starts at :35.)

Could you imagine Corey Davis, Jarvion Franklin, and Everett Golson on the same offense? Dear God, that would be truly #ELITE.