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Miami's miracle, the warden from NIU, and Akron's $110k bill

More MAC news you gotta have.

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Last week we alerted you that the University of Akron had rebranded as "Ohio's Polytechnic University." This week we learned that decision was reached at the ultra low cost of $110,000.

Ball State Cardinal Ashley Ford was recently named one of the 35 Writers Who Run the Literary Internet by

Of the thousands of fatal shootings by police in the United States over the last decade, 54 have been charged with a crime according to new analysis by the Washington Post and research at Bowling Green State University.

Here's a must read about how research at the University at Buffalo is revolutionizing the detection of cancer.

When it comes to education and outreach regarding recycling efforts, very few institutions fall into the same category as Central Michigan University.

At least one computer projection predicts that your Eastern Michigan Fightin' Iggles will be the worst team in the land in 2015.

Kent State University's College of Nursing supplies 43 percent of bedside nurses to hospitals in Northeast Ohio.

A Miami University food services coordinator was recently reunited with her son following a 40 year separation after learning they share the same doctor in Middletown, Ohio.

Four of the 10 prisons in the Arizona Department of Corrections are run by women, including Judy Frigo, a Northern Illinois University graduate.

For the first time in school history, all University of Toledo varsity athletic teams compiled combined grade-point averages of 3.0 or higher during the spring 2015 semester.

According to a study at Western Michigan University, only half of children who live in foster care until they are adults graduate from high school, and only three percent earn college degrees.