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Binge-watching is a wonderful thing... sometimes

When the hell does football start again?

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

I recently started the Showtime series Dexter on the Netflix. To say that it is a disturbing show would be an understatement. It's riveting, but disturbing none the less.

I watched the first six episodes of season one in a row from 10pm-4am. Watching roughly six hours of television about a serial killer through midnight is always a good recipe for putting your mind at ease. If ease is sleeping with your lights on along with locking your door and checking the closet for monsters. Did I mention I'm in college?

Binge-watching seems to be the new great American past-time. There are great shows to binge-watch like House of Cards and Friday Night Lights (no not Gilmore Girls, you know who you are). There are also shows that you should probably stop after two episodes, like Dexter.

This got me thinking of MAC football related things that would be even worse to binge-watch than Dexter. Here's a few I came up with in no particular order.

The whole 2012 UMass football season with Charley Molnar DVD commentary

I think every Minutemen fan (really every football fan) have drank away this first season in the FBS from their memory. The first transition season is always tough but UMass brought a whole new meaning to the word tough. They went 1-11 and lost those 11 games by an average of 30.72 points per game. The first game was a 37-0 shellacking by UConn that set the tone for the rest of the season. After that you get to look forward to sitting through the 52-14 loss to WMU and what has to be one of the worst defeats in football as Jordan Lynch and NIU put up 63 points to UMass' zero.

The real icing on the cake is hearing Molnar provide commentary on A.J. Doyle attempting to throw a football.

The horror series that is the MAC refs

We all know how abysmal the MAC refs can be. Especially during MACtion on weekday nights. Some of the calls they make defy the laws of man and science. Here's a nice example:

On second thought this could be fun. Like in a Child's Play kind of way.

The entire 2013 Miami football season and the 2009 EMU football season ... in HD (to capture every detail)

0-12. No wins. Enough said.

A live feed of the Factory

This isn't just for game day. No, this is for every day. Just you and the gray that is the factory. Pretty soon you'll end up like the stone man who are sent to Valyria to live out their remaining days in exile. But come on who wouldn't want to look at all the pretty colors:

EMU The Factory (Eastern Michigan Athletics)

Every Big Ten opponent in your teams non-conference schedule

Cause, well, you know... the Big Ten sucks. A lot.