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Belt Loops: Will Joe Licata be an All-MAC player?

A lot of people think that Licata was snubbed out of the honors last season.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Any time a sophomore quarterback takes a team to flirt with going to Detroit, you're bound to be excited about him. Joe Licata and the Buffalo Bulls lost to Bowling Green on the last game of the regular season at Ralph Wilson Stadium by three scores.

The New York native seemed like he was just going to fit well in Buffalo, and he's somebody that they've been happy to rely on, especially with a strong run game from Branden Oliver and Anthone Taylor. In his junior season, his completion percentage went up by about seven points with 57 less pass attempts. Three more interceptions, but five more touchdowns than last year. Overall, he was a better quarterback than he was in 2013. He had the second-highest quarterback rating in the MAC. Second in completion percentage. Licata the MAC with 29 touchdowns after losing Alex Neutz to now throwing mostly to Ron Willoughby, who only had three catches in 2013.

Licata didn't make the cut to be an All-MAC quarterback at the end of the season. Blake Frohnapfel made the First Team cut with six less touchdowns. Second Team Zach Terrell had the MAC's highest QBR. And Andrew Hendrix was sacked 43 times (Licata: 16).

With Lance Leiopold now in charge of this team in Joe Licata's senior season, this is going to be a pretty fun watch once MAC play gets heated up.