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Belt Loops: Random MAC Thoughts are short today

Kaleb delves into the inner mechanisms of his mind to dig up some rather random MAC thoughts. Enjoy.

Some MAC thoughts for your Monday
Some MAC thoughts for your Monday
Brian Powers-USA TODAY Sports

Going to be less formatted and just a few free thoughts for today. Hope you all are set for a wonderful Monday.

Who doesn't love a good link dump? Sorry to copy your thing Keith.

  • I'm #TeamPoints when it comes to MAC football. #TeamDefense when it comes to the B1G.
  • I want to coach this type of player. Quick feet, quick hands. Physical, good solid base, plays fast and on instinct. I actually am a volunteer high school football coach at a school close to Athens, and if we had this kid, he'd tear our league up.
  • I made sure to voice my opinion that schools need to do a better job at promoting their women's teams leading up to and during the regular season. Women's volleyball, basketball, softball, and soccer at the college level are all rad.
  • I went to WWE Money in the Bank at Nationwide Arena in Columbus Sunday night. Pretty good for having never gone to a Pay-Per-View event ever. From here on out, I want Kevin Owens and John Cena to duke it out as the main event of every PPV event for the rest of eternity.
  • By the time this article posts in the morning, I'll have watched the most recent Game of Thrones. Have mercy. I also haven't watched the most recent season of Orange is the new Black yet, so I guess I have to jump in on that.

^^^Spreading the MAC love y'all. I'm down with it, even if these folks are a bit screwy in the head.

Oh yeah, remember to speak truth to power!