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Belt Loops: More #MACtion coming to the Belt?

Is it time for the non-revenue MAC sports to have their day in the Hustle Belt sun?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The MAC hosts 21 sports championships for its member schools, though you wouldn't know it through a perusal of the Belt. Despite the year-round coverage of football and men's basketball on the site, finding even an acknowledgement that there are other sports in the MAC, and the great players and teams in this league that play these sports.

Let's take the Ohio women's basketball team for example: a team that rolled past everyone in the league (save for regular season meetings at Western Michigan and vs. Eastern Michigan) on their way to a MAC title, and boasted three All-MAC honorees in junior guard Kiyanna Black, sophomore guard Quiera Lampkins, and senior guard Mariah Byard while second-year coach Bob Boldon took home MAC Coach of the Year honors.

But consistent coverage of this team and others by the site wasn't as good as it could have been, so we're looking to expand our horizons to include these sports on the Belt on a regular basis. But we need your help! By voting on which sport you'd like to see us cover in more detail, it'll help us better create content to satiate your #MACtion cravings. And if there's any sports not on the ballot that you'd like us to cover (i.e. Non-MAC sports like men's hockey, or club sports), drop them in the comments below along with anything else you'd like to see at Hustle Belt.