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Thoughts on Western Michigan Broncos' student ticket lottery for Michigan State game

Let's explore the bizarre/very appropriate ticketing solution when a B1G school enters MAC territory.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

"Wait, so I can't just get in the stadium?"

That's right you young MAC fan of Kalamazoo. Expecting an enormous crowd, Western Michigan athletics has decided to institute a lottery for student tickets to the home football opener against the Michigan State Spartans on September 4th. That means 7,000 students (who have to apply by August 3rd) will get in for free while any Broncos left out looking in will have to purchase public tickets like a damn commoner (or potentially see if more student tickets open up - unlikely I'd say).

I mostly like this idea. It makes sense that in a normally free-admission environment - with no legacy of seniority in terms of seating arrangement - that everybody should get a fair shot at entrance to the game that most certainly will break Waldo's attendance record. Some might say that freshman don't deserve the same shot as a junior or senior kid, but the last thing you want to do as a school is alienate people who aren't even full fans yet.

So, back to you young Bronco. I'm sure you have some questions about the lottery.

"I do! What happens if I get a lottery ticket but my buddy doesn't?"
It's ok, friend! I'm sure you'll make some new pals in the stadium watching Western march up and down the field. What a glorious day it will be!

"What if my buddy gets a ticket but I don't?
Oh wow. Yeah, you're kinda boned. Buy a normal ticket and just try to sneak into the student section - that's probably your best bet. Stadium staff won't know how to actually regulate access to a certain section after decades of seating bedlam, you'll figure it out.

"Any tips on how to increase my odds of landing one of those sweet, sweet Brown and Golden tickets?"
You can only enter once as a student, but I do have some tips on how to increase your Bronco karma preceding the lottery announcement:

  • Follow staff of WMU athletics around repeatedly saying "please, please, please."
  • Tweet "Broncos rule, ya turd" to the managing editor of MSU's SB Nation site, who can be found at @Jobin2E
  • Find Zach Terrell immediately and give him a big ol' high five.

"I registered for fall classes just to get a chance to win these free tickets, then I'm going to drop out before the late registration deadline in the fall. Boom, free tickets."
Not really a question, but you might be some kind of evil genius. But an evil genius who does really stupid semi-pranks like this. Really dude? Just buy a god damned ticket. Does this even work?

"Okay, last question, how many ‘may the odds ever be in your favor' jokes can I ma..."

Oh, and if you're a WMU student reading this, you can apply for the lottery through a link on this page here.