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Random MAC Thoughts: Phil Steele has a Time-Turner

Kaleb delves into the inner mechanisms of his mind to dig up some rather random MAC thoughts. Enjoy.

We all know Roman Reigns has to win the Money In the Bank Ladder Match in two weeks in Columbus.
We all know Roman Reigns has to win the Money In the Bank Ladder Match in two weeks in Columbus.
Robin Marchant/Getty Images

It feels like we just did this. Did we just do this? Hope the first week of June is treating everyone splendidly.

MAC News Thought Roundup

  • So the MAC and CBS just signed a big 'ole honkin' TV contract that will put your favorite Mid-American Conference teams on CBS for basketball and football. Yay MACtion and whatnot. These guys have more on it than HB does anyway, even if they did STEAL MY PHOTO AGAIN.
  • Phil Steele announced his preseason All-MAC football teams. My first question for Mr. Steele: Where do you find the time man? He must have a Time-Turner, which Hermione Granger utilizes in the Prisoner of Azkaban. I think I'd go with Zach Terrell as first-team QB. And no Robbie Rhodes at WR? Also, Ohio with 10 on Steele's team? Might be a reach. AJ OUELLETTE FOR FIRST TEAM THO.
  • Bowling Green football has had a rough go of things as of late with suspensions and injuries. Will things get better for Babers and crew?

Elsewhere on Hustle Belt

Here are a few good tweets at us from the last couple days.

  • Non MAC-Related
  • WWE is most definitely teasing something big in the long run for the former Shield crew of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. They teased an Ambrose championship and made it seem like he had it won and even celebrated with the belt before the referee who had basically been taken out of commission by Seth Rollins, called the match a disqualification :( And looking at the card for the Money in The Bank match set for Columbus in two weeks, there is no doubt in my mind that Roman Reigns wins that. No way can they put anyone else over for a title shot.
  • Can people stop saying that trans people aren't right in their identities? That'd be cool. But that's just me.

The week is almost over. You're getting there friend. Remember to speak truth to power!