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Belt Loops: What questions would you ask at MAC football media day?

Today's Belt Loops is for organizing a list of questions our readers and contributors would ask if they could go to MAC media day.

We've got some questions for you Campbell...
We've got some questions for you Campbell...
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Guy (Dad Guy as he is now affectionately known by all), recently tweeted out an open call to those who might be interested in attending MAC media day to do some social media work for him.

He chose some other folks (I see you Billy Hartman), but that makes me think. If you could go to MAC football media day, what questions would you ask?

Well if it were me, I'd have some very specific questions for the coaches. Here are a few I'd go with.

  1. Coach Babers, just how fast is #FalconFast? Give me a number please, I demand it!
  2. Coach Bonamego, you can't possibly be more boring at implementing an offense than Coach Enos right? I just want to be reassured.
  3. Coach Bowden, why do you think no one comes to watch your games? Will becoming THE premier Polytechnic Ohio school help establish your school's football program?
  4. Coach Ya Boy Matt Campbell, why are you so on point on twitter? And why are you such a stud in the recruiting game lately?
  5. Coach Carey, do you like to make little kids cry? Or just your kickers?
  6. Coach Creighton, when does The Factory close for business, and do you fear your players might begin to unionize to better suit their interests when it comes to their labor?
  7. Coach Fleck, we know you love to #RowTheBoat but can you tell us of a time that you lost your oars? *listens intently*
  8. Coach Haynes, is this the Krusty Kent?
  9. Coach Leipold, what will it be like drastically reducing your expectations for your new program compared to your old one? Do you even remember what losing feels like?
  10. Coach Lembo, Marvel or DC?
  11. Coach Martin, how often do you wear Sperry's?
  12. Coach Solich, where is your favorite place to get a rise and shine breakfast special?
  13. Coach Whipple, ACC or bust?

To all: Are we better than the Big Ten? Yes or Yes?