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Belt Loops: We're pretty good at Twitter

Looking back at the couple days of tweets from Hustle Belt contributors with their takes on #MACtion. You're going to want to follow us folks.

Jordan Lynch scored his first CFL touchdown last night. Lynch be praised1
Jordan Lynch scored his first CFL touchdown last night. Lynch be praised1
Donald Miralle/Getty Images

The folks here at Hustle Belt have some mad tweet game. Aren't following us already? Well you should get on it! Here are some of the better MAC-related tweets from HB contributors as of late. Because who doesn't love some shameless self-promotion?

Did you vote for CMU? You better have. Or we'll be disappointed.

NEGATIVE #HOTTAKE. Have faith, you're supposed to be the fearless leader.

Kareem Hunt is the embodiment of freedom. Let freedom ring.

With our recent flurry of watch lists, Brandon Hickey seems to think he could get cheeky. You win this time Hickey...

Poor UMass...

The AAC has nothing on us.

No exactly MAC-related, buuuuuut. Having to do with the insanity that went down in Houston on Wednesday as the Clippers seemed to succeed in keeping their big man, DeAndre Jordan.

Oh, and here's a little something extra for the Huskie fans.

So I know I didn't include everyone, STEP UP YOUR TWEET GAME. And be sure to include your handles so our readers can  jump on board. I also would be interested in knowing, is there an interest in having this done in a weekly fashion? we've discussed it before, but we want to hear from readers. - @KalebMCarter