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Belt Loops: Home Run Derby? Let's have a drinking game!

Let's get this week started off right.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

No #MACtion today, friends. Instead, this morning's Belt Loops is going to center around tonight's MLB Home Run Derby. We've done these silly little drinking games before and if there's one thing that I've learned about the summer: every night can be a Friday night.

In case many of you haven't heard: the format changed for this thing. The goal is still to crank every baseball a thousand miles from home plate, but they'll try to speed things up with a clock coming into play.

They're also making another change: they'll be using an 8-man bracket for their setup. No Bryce Harper or J.D. Martinez unfortunately, but at least Albert Pujols is back!


Drink 1 if/when:

  • Albert Pujols goes opposite field.
  • Giancarlo Stanton sighting.
  • Yoenis Cespedes sighting.
  • There's a clip of Josh Donaldson playing with the Oakland A's.
  • If the lower-seeded player hits more dingers than the higher-seeded one he's up against, drink the difference.
  • You see a tweet with Joc Pederson's name spelled wrong.
  • For every home run that's knocked over 400 feet. Two if it's hit by Manny Machado (he has the shortest avg. HR distance of the eight).
  • It's in Cincinnati, so naturally you have to have one for every HR hit by Todd Frazier.

Drink 2 if/when:

  • Prince Fielder comes up to bat without batting gloves on.
  • Any mention of Mike Gallo and Bryce Harper being teammates as kids. One more if we start to compare Kris Bryant to these two.
  • They compare Omar Infante to literally any other AL second baseman.
  • For every home run that's knocked over 450 feet. Three if it's hit by Anthony Rizzo.
  • They show a replay of this bat flip from the Derby two years ago:


I'm not trying to knock you off your rocker in the first round. Be responsible, drink a Rolling Rock or something along those lines if we're participating. And get a designated driver.