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Belt Loops: UMass, Miami tied for one of top public universities

More Mid-American Conference news. You're welcome.

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You probably already know about the massive budgetary cuts being made at the University of Akron, including the elimination of the baseball program. Check out this editorial letter addressed to Akron President Scott Scarborough, written and signed by the UA Undergraduate Student Government's president and vice president Taylor Swift and Richard Angeletti.

Former Ball State quarterback Keith Wenning talked to the Indianapolis Star after signing a contract with the Cincinnati Bengals.

At Bowling Green State University you can take a course in "popular culture." Click on the link, because that's the most normal of the listed college courses.

Two studies conducted by researchers at the University at Buffalo and published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science in June 2014, showed when people reported they cared very much about their partner but were unsure how much their partner cared about them, they were more jealous of their partner's friends.

There are rumors circulating that former Central Michigan University running back Thomas Rawls may have a shot at making the Seattle Seahawks roster.

Susan Martin spoke about her 7-year stay as Eastern Michigan University President which concluded on July 7th. "I had no idea what I was getting into." compiled a list of professional football players who could participate in an Olympic sport. At least one MAC alum was included in the list.

UMass and Miami tied at 30th on the list of top public schools in the country as chosen by U.S. News. Of course these numbers are fun to debate and.........that's about it.

Loudon Vollbrecht is being recruited by two different MAC schools, for two different sports.

A major Ohio University donor and OU Foundation Board member suggested OU administrators label members of the faculty "racists" if they criticized the possible purchase of a $1.2 million home OU President Roderick McDavis this spring.

Last month a roundtable at the Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute at the University of Toledo discussed soap developed to help prevent sex trafficking.

Top to bottom, here's a list of the total operating revenue and total profit for every school in the MAC.