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Belt Loops: If WMU could add a wideout from the past, why not their coach?

If time machines were a thing, the Broncos would have an opportunity to add an intriguing piece to their football team.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Ever wonder how your favorite football team would look if you could just simply go back in time and add a former MAC player to the roster? I’m sure Kent State fans would love to get Colin Reardon some help this season at wide receiver, and they could let out a big "problem solved!" by simply plucking, say, Randy Moss from the annals of time.

I too have wondered this, and I have asked myself the question of Western Michigan recently. Who could the Broncos add from the past to make 2015 even better? I know I want to add a receiver, because OFFENSE. Former Broncos come to mind like Jamarko Simmons or Greg Jennings, and I’m sure Kalamazoo would love to have Jordan White on the roster once again. Perhaps past Tony Scheffler would like a taste of the future?

I have a different suggestion. What about the Bronco head coach?

Yes, P.J Fleck would fit in quite nicely with the Brown and Gold. Most notably because, well, he’s coaching the team, and also because what would be more #MACtion than Fleck coaching himself? Fleck was a productive receiver at NIU, specifically in 2003 where he caught 77 passes for 1028 yards and 6 touchdowns. Fleck also posted a career average 12 yards per catch. Offensive production like that would be welcomed on a receiving corps that already sports Corey Davis and Daniel Braverman. Sure it may be tempting to go out and get a potential number one guy like Randy Moss, but the Broncos already feature a player that could very well be the best WMU receiver ever in Corey Davis. Adding Fleck to the fold would give a wide receiver trio that are all capable of posting 1,000 yard seasons to go along with a running back that will almost certainly hit that same benchmark.

The added firepower on offense will instantly make the team better, but that isn't even the best part. Imagine the postgame interviews. Picture the Broncos at Ford Field, fresh off their first MAC Championship game victory. Left to right on the podium are head coach P.J Fleck, Corey Davis, Jarvion Franklin - and P.J Fleck again.

"P.J, could you comment on P.J’s impact on your offense this year."


Reporter: "This question is for P.J Fleck. No, not hi...the other one. Yeah, him. How do you feel playing for your future self has helped your career?"

P.J 2: "Well, I’ve always had a team mentality. A hungry dog, team mentality. You’re never supposed to play for yourself, but, I guess I didn’t have a choice this year."

More gold.

The greatest season of all time. A MAC title and the touching story of a coach able to undertake the eternally denied privilege of coaching oneself to victory. Regardless of the win total at the end of the season, it will be worth the price of admission to watch a man chew his own ass out for missing a block or dropping a pass. How would the players react to having their coach play with them and for himself? This perpetual state of confusion and bewilderment is something we must have. Not to mention getting a double dose of "Bronconese" phrases. So if any of you reading this are from the future - stop holding out on us. Make this happen.