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Operation: Bring back #HustleBag

It's been a while. It's more overdue than that one movie you rented out eight years ago.

What ever happened with the #HustleBag?

Well, we're going to bring it back starting right now. No more delays.

I've already got our first question asked from within the blog just to get us started so you'll see what we're going to do. While I was recording, I received a few questions which was a huge relief! Thank you to those early responses and keep 'em coming, they'll be answered in next week's videocast. I'll be doing this every week so the more you ask, the more I/we have to work with.

Questions can be MAC-specific, sports related, maybe they could be about beer, pop culture, music, uniforms, fields, something satirical, whatever you want.

The best ways to contact us are to tweet at the blog's twitter account (@HustleBelt) or you can tweet at me directly (@ARAlvarado13) with the #HustleBag hash tag. You may also ask us on our Facebook page still using that tag, or even e-mail us at with "Hustle Bag" included in the subject bar. Or even down below in the comments is a safe place to leave questions for the next round of questions to be answered.

Let's have some fun.