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Belt Loops: "What Did They Say?" Monday-- Pan Am Gold, Page 145, and THE WHIP

We've got a LOT of Massachusetts-based tweets this week.

Disapproving Mark Whipple disapproves of our Twitter shenanigans.
Disapproving Mark Whipple disapproves of our Twitter shenanigans.
Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

We're back at it again this week as search for the best MAC-related tweets that you twitter folk could provide.

Very clever one here. But remember, Buffalo almost ate it against the Seawolves last season.

Popovich going in FOR THE KILL.

The NIU fandom knows no bounds. Even bars have thoughts on Huskies football it seems.

@valleyshook, SB Nation's LSU blog, drops the word that former Akron pitcher John Valek was transferring to become a Tiger, or a Bayou Bengal or something along those lines.

Some positive sports news for Zips fans. Pretty impressive!

The Minutemen QB with the #HOTCOLDDRINKTAKE. Does this have any sort of truth to it, faithful readers?

You mean to tell me that James knew Dan Enos has been excruciatingly normal for a while? SAY IT AIN'T SO. This tweet is a reference to James calling Dan Enos the "Most Normal" guy in the MAC.


Okay, I hate the Steelers, and that's still kind of cool.

Coach Bono is a sweetheart (and has a long-term sweetheart) it seems.

A hot take on our placement of Ronnie Moore at #40 among our top 70 players in the MAC.

Raven Lee has had enough.

The ladies sure do love Dri Archer.

Greenberg loves giving shoutouts to his alma mater on twitter.