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#HustleBag: How much will Kent State's experience help them out?

My question to you is: would you pick Kent State to win the East this year for the same reasons one might have picked Ball State to win the West last year?

Welcome back to the #HustleBag: where you ask questions, I answer them and we all disagree with each other! Let's have some fun.


Hmm, I can honestly say I haven't put too much thought into it. Although, I did hit up Trader Joe's about 5 hours ago and got a few things and the man at the cash register put everything into a big brown paper bag instead of those jenky plastic ones that I'm used to grabbing at Meijer. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't #TeamBrownPaperBag.


Hi Jeremy! He and a bunch of friends of ours will be at Ford Field tomorrow bright and early for MAC Media Day. Follow the MAC on Periscope and Snapchat and Instagram and literally every social media platform you can think of. Don't forget, some of it will be on ESPN 3.


Oi vey. Both have CMU on the road. Both have WMU at home. I don't know too much about Buffalo just yet (sorry to play the guessing game) but this is a difficult one to answer. Hard to say who has a clear advantage too.


Read: who will lose by less down in Columbus. Or up in Columbus. Or over in Columbus. This is the problem with perspective. Both'll win big over Murray State though. If not, then somebody's gonna be in trouble.


Yes! However, the reality of football is that experience isn't everything. It certainly helps, but even Toledo has to replace an entire offensive line, but there are expectations for them to make it to Detroit regardless of their situation.


Orange and brown isn't sexy, just ask Cleveland.

Thanks again for all the questions! Keep tweeting at us with the #HustleBag hash tag, or just leave some questions below. I'll make it a point to answer more than just six next time!