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Belt Loops: Let's re-watch the 2015 GoDaddy Bowl

I'm in a mood for watching Kareem Hunt highlights anyways.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

If we're being honest, I got into a binge-watching mood of #MACtion highlights on YouTube ranging from Jordan Lynch running over an Akron defender to Andre Parker running the wrong way with the football to ...why is there a video of showing how loud of a snorer Bronson Hill is?

Anywho, I got caught up YouTube searching 'Kareem Hunt highlights' and started watching clips from this past bowl game that the Toledo Rockets were just in. The whole game is a Hunt show and I feel like pimping him out a little bit.

Game Recap

Hunt absolutely took over against the Arkansas State Red Wolves. On 32 carries, he totaled 271 rushing yards and scored f i v e t i m e s. His production was too much too early that even backup Damion Jones-Moore had a pair of rushing touchdowns of his own.

Side note: it's going to be really hard to replace Greg Mancz and an offensive line like this.