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Belt's Beer Garden: Brew-F-C is back!

In our first "official" Brew-F-C fight, Norm and I have two beers face off head-to-head.

The Brew-F-C is back! And, in what is the first official fight, we have taken two beers and are pitting them in a head-to-head match up with official fight scoring.

Each contestant will be scored on the standard 10-point must system in three categories: Taste, Value and Presentation.

Taste is obvious and we will be doing that with a blind taste test. 
will be based on price and availability. 
will be on appearance of not only the beer but also the container it comes in.

For those not familiar with the 10-point must system, it goes like this: if beer A is the best tasting, it will receive a 10. Depending on how much better A tastes over B, determines if B earns 9 or 8 or 7, ect. The winner of each category receives a 10. It's kind of a must.

Today's match up is a local stand off of well known, long time favorites, who may not be the very best but are darn good. If they were MMA fighters they'd be like Frank Mir and Andre Arlovski. Not top dogs today but one of the best a while back.

On one side of the ring we have Revolution's Anti-Hero.


And in the opposite corner we have Lagunitas' IPA.

lag ipa

Touch mugs. Let's get it on!

Judge 1 (Norm):


In my blind taste I gave a very slight edge to Anti-hero. It has a touch more hops, a tad less bitter and a tad less dank.  Laguntias IPA was very good, but just got edged out. 10/9, Anti-Hero.


In this case, we have a draw.  Both beers are generally $9.99 a six pack.  Anti-Hero comes in cans. Lagunitas comes in bottles.  Both are available at almost any location.  I mean ANY location, Walgreen's, 7-11 and any liquor store.  10/10, Draw.


This is a fight, right? Anti-Hero has a huge fist on the can!  Plus, generally when on tap, the tapper is a huge green fist. Lagunitas doesn't spend too much time on label design.  Also, Anti-Hero had a bit more head retention and carbonation. Easy win for Anti-hero, 10/8

So I see this fight as a close, but decided win for Revolution's Anti-Hero. 10/9, 10/10, 10/8.  How the other judge sees this fight will say who wins for sure, but I like the Revolution to win this one.

Judge 2 (Dave):


Well in my blind tasting there was a clear winner - Anti-Hero. Lagunitas is a very solid, very tasty IPA but, as Norm pointed out, Revolution wasn't as bitter and had a nice citrus hoppyness to it. Anti-Hero wins, 10-8


As they each cost the same, and both are available pretty much everywhere in Chicagoland, this was a close one. However, I have to give Lagunitas the edge here just because they have a wider distribution that stretches nation-wide, meaning more folks can enjoy this beer. Lagunitas wins, 10-9.


Both beers look similar, Lagunitas IPA being a tad darker and having a bit less head-retention. As far as bottles/cans/tappers goes, the huge green fist certainly stands out on tap for Anti-Hero, plus the can is overall cooler than the Lagunitas bottle, which is rather plain. Anti-Hero wins, 10-8.

I've scored the fight 10-8, 9-10, 10-8 with Anti-Hero being the winner!

There you have it! It's a unanimous decision!

Revolution's Anti-Hero is the winner of the first official Brew-F-C fight!