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#MACtion open chat: UMass finally gets to play!

Oh boy, all thirteen teams in action in one day! This is awesome.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

So last week was pretty fun, eh? Three games affected by lightning, two potential upsets, a devastatingly bad loss to a former MAC coach, and of course, crushing Idaho.

This week has some potentially exciting matchups, as BGSU faces their second P5 team in a row on the road, Western travels to Georgia to bring back the #MACtion vs. #FunBelt Twitter fight, and UMass looks for revenge on the road vs. the Buffaloes after nearly beating them at home in 2014.

Here is the schedule and where to find all the games this week. (In case you're asking: yes, the American Sports Network is actually a thing that exists.)

Time Home Away TV/Streaming
12:00 PM Penn State (0-1) Buffalo (1-0) ESPN2
12:00 PM Wisconsin (0-1) Miami (1-0) ESPNU
12:00 PM Maryland (1-0) Bowling Green (0-1) Big Ten Network
2:00 PM Colorado (1-0) Massachusetts (0-0) PAC-12 Mountain
2:00 PM Wyoming (0-1) Eastern Michigan (0-1) ROOT Sports
3:00 PM Central Michigan (0-1) Monmouth (0-1) ESPN3
3:30 PM Northern Illinois (1-0) Murray State (1-0) ESPN3
4:00 PM #18 Arkansas (1-0) Toledo (0-0) SEC Network Alternate
6:00 PM Georgia Southern (0-1) Western Michigan (0-1) ESPN3
6:00 PM Akron (0-1) Pittsburgh (1-0) ESPN3
6:00 PM Kent State (0-1) Delaware State (0-1) ESPN3
7:00 PM #16 Texas A&M (1-0) Ball State (1-0) ESPNU
7:00 PM Ohio (1-0) Marshall (1-0) American Sports Network/ESPN3

Remember, have a drink in the spirit of #MACtion and don't be that guy in the comments section.