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Hustle Belt MAC Fantasy League: Coffin Fever Rides High In Week Two

Fitz, despite having Matt Johnson, somehow suffered a loss. Justin and Alex are tied for first with two wins apiece.

If Kenny Golladay could play quarterback, Justin would win all the games.
If Kenny Golladay could play quarterback, Justin would win all the games.
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

What a week two in amazing #MACtion madness, eh?

The MAC went 7-6 in week two, with some amazing performances from Toledo, Bowling Green, and BROGAN FREAKING ROBACK. This resulted in a lot of chaos for the teams in the HB Fantasy League, Let's check out the matchups:

The Frumpy Apples (James H. Jimenez) vs. Zippy Squad (Matt Hammond)

Let's get it out of the way now, since I'm writing this recap this week: I've had the worst luck on the planet the last two weeks. Last week, I had to start a backup QB, my starting running back's stats were disallowed, and my defense scored -8 points. That resulted in a 24 point game. This week, while getting great stats from Roger Lewis and Daz'Mond Patterson, the Western Michigan offense stunk up the joint, scoring -10 points.

Matt had good contributions from Zac Terrell (12 points) and Tajae Sharpe (13 points), while gaining five points from an Akron defense that played Pitt on their home turf. The defensive performance was enough to clinch victory, as Hammond won by one point, 62-61.

Zippy Squad moves to 1-1, while The Frumpy Apples are at the bottom of the barrel at 0-2.

Firing Up My Chips (Nick "Frenchy" Fries) vs. Reece's Huff (Mike Karpinski)

Drew Hare (33 points) and AJ Ouelette (13 points) had incredible scoring nights for their respective teams, and that translated well in the HB League. Nick is the beneficiary of those performances, and he fell back on the Ohio defense to pull the slack for a roster that scored 13 points between six players.

Karp had a fairly bad day all around, as Chase Hundley was the only player to score in double digits, with 11 points. The NIU defense contributed as well, but it was all for naught, as Firing Up My Chips ran away with the victory 85-60.

Firing Up My Chips is now 1-1, while Reece's Huff joins The Frumpy Apples in the Toilet Bowl.

Tupande Kileleni (Alex Alvarado) vs. Corey Davis Based God (brownandgold)

Lucky for Fitz, he had Matt Johnson and his 42 points to help prop his team's score. Otherwise, it would have been pretty awful. Johnson's running mate Travis Greene (13 points) was the only other double digit scorer.

Alex's team had a balanced effort and was bolstered by strong performances from Darius Jackson's 22 points and the Central Michigan defense's feeding frenzy on the FCS Monmouth Hawks (17 points). Marcus McGill (10 points) also had a good day. Alex claims victory, while scoring the second highest amount of points, 103-77.

Tupande Kileleni isthe mark to reach at 2-0, while Corey Davis Based God finds themselves in the maelstrom of 1-1 teams.

Kadeem Goul-bourne Supremacy (Justin Coffin) vs. Double Fisting Pepsis (Russ Johnson)

The high game of the week came courtesy of KGBS, which had five out of eight players score in the double digits, with the Kent State defense scoring 33 points. Other noteworthy performances included Kenny Golladay (26 points) and Nate Holley (20 points), with Ben McCord, Ron Willoughby, and Joe Licata scoring in the double digits.

Russ Johnson saw his QB Jack Milas benched after a -1 point performance, and little to nothing in the flex and receiver spots. The Toledo defense brought 15 points for Russ, while Dylan Mulder of Eastern Michigan kicked his way to a 15 point performance. Robbie Rhodes (16 points), Trayion Durham (12 points) and Joel Bouagnon (13 points) helped prevent the game from becoming a rout.

Coffin Fever runs amuck, winning 135-86. Kadeem Goul-bourne Supremacy is tied with Tupande Kileleni at 2-0, but behind after tiebreakers.

Here are next week's matchups:

Tupande Kileleni (2-0) vs. Zippy Squad (1-1)
Kadeem Goul-borne Supremacy (2-0) vs. Reece's Huff (0-2)
Double Fisting Pepsis (1-1) vs. The Frumpy Apples (0-2)
Corey Davis Based God (1-1) vs. Firing Up My Chips (1-1)