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2015 Hustle Belt MAC Pick'em - Week 3: Our first MACtion

After a solid week in non-conference play, we have 12 games this week due to the MAC game taking place.

/vomits uncontrollably

Hang on guys, still getting over the Georgia Southern game.

/hurls again

And Toledo, BG, and Ohio all picking up solid wins.  I mean, WMU has to play two of those teams on the road, along with NIU!

/just bad this time


/once more

OK.  So WMU was the only FBS team in the state to lose on Saturday.  So what?

/burps and holds back one more round

Last week could've been way worse for a few of us.  James finished last.  I only had 7 points.  Oh well.  Nenni won last week by hitting all but two of the games, and hitting both the high and low.  Congrats!

Full breakdown here

On to this week.  SAVE ME MAC GODS

Week 3 - Saturday, September 19th

Kent State @ Minnesota - If the Flashes can't hang with Illinois, imagine what Minnesota will do after hanging with TCU earlier this year.

Buffalo @ Florida Atlantic - Hootie hoo, Owls.  Hootie hoo.

Savannah State @ Akron - yep, I got nothin'.  Go Zips.  Keep me alive in the MAC Survivor Pool

Central Michigan @ Syracuse - /hurls again.  Damnit, the Chips aren't that bad this year.

SE Louisiana @ Ohio - Well, Ohio looks peak Solich form:  Solid early on.  Now for the mid-to-late season collapse............

Temple @ UMass - Should I award double points for this future AAC conference game?  I won't, but I could

Memphis @ BGSU - Truth:  Tennessee BBQ is amazing.  Another truth:  BG's offense is for real this year with Johnson throwing chest passes.  This will be a great game, but BG walks away with the win.

Ball State @ Eastern Michigan - Over/under 100 points?  But really, our first MAC game should be high scoring with neither team having a defense.  Cardinals win because they have slightly more of a defense than EMU

Cincinnati @ Miami - Don't you just love old rivalries?  Maybe not this one, but all the other good ones!

Northern Illinois @ #1 Ohio State - If NIU wins this game, I may explode.  They won't, but internal combustion is in play now.  Don't win, Huskies.

Murray State @ Western Michigan - YOU COME OUT AND BEAT THE DAMN PANTS OFF THESE FOOLS.  STOP SCREWING AROUND AND BEAT THE SNOT OUTTA SOMEONE.  Sorry, had to vent.  Uhh, yeah.......visions of 2013 are in my head after Saturday and the Broncos played crappy Nichols State that year and /vomits

Iowa State @ Toledo - Because why not?  TOLEDO FOR CFP WITH ONLY 12 GAMES PLAYED!

High Team: WMU
Low Team: Miami (it's just too easy)

UPDATE (via the editor)

Friends! SB Nation is playing with this new tool that lets readers across all blogs predict the final scores of games! Right now it's still young and are only being used for the Big Ten games (boo, hiss) but with the couple o' B1G-MAC matchups, there's no time like the present to have some fun with them!

With ongoing experiments to perfect this craft, you can now predict the final score for Kent State vs. Minnesota!