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Hustle Belt Fantasy League Update - Week 3: Triple Digits Galore!

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In an exciting week of #MACtion, three players put up over 100 points while two others slugged it out in an intense match-up that came down to the wire

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With all the action on the field going back and forth, our fantasy league saw a huge swing in play this week.  Teams that usually don't do so hot did great, while a couple of our big names lost this week.  The points were high from our MAC players, but just how good were they?  Well, let's break it down.

Double Fisting Pepsis (Russ) vs The Frumpy Apples (James)

In our Colon Blow Blowout of the Week (trademark pending), James got a big push from Roger Lewis (44 points) en route to a rout of Russ's usually solid team.

Outside of Lewis's big game, James got a solid performance from Blake Frohnapfel (26 pts) while also getting a respectable 16 points from Brendan Cope in the flex.  A late Damion Jones-Moore touchdown helped push his lead even further, but a 17 performance from Western Michigan's defense (despite yielding 14 real points late against 2nd stringers) helped confirm this victory.

Russ was nearly outscored by Lewis alone.  He got a solid game from "Duece" Turner (10 pts), but that was the only player to put up double digits for him.  No games from Robbie Rhodes and Rokeem Williams also hurt, but when your top two players are Turner and Alonzo Russell (9 pts), you likely aren't going to win many games in this league.


Firing Up My Chips (Frenchy) vs Corey Davis Based God (Fitz)

I have to give it to Nick, he tried hard, really he did.

He started Devon Spalding for 24 points, and got another 12 from Jordan Johnson.  However, poor games from usually solid players in Juwan Brescacin, Drew Hare, and AJ Ouellette (a combined 5 points) doomed his squad as he never got going.  His kicker also registered 0 points while he made a smart defensive start in using Ohio (16 pts) over Bowling Green (-8 on the bench).

For me, I made all the smart decisions (though that's not hard to do with my bench).  EMU's defense narrowly edged Miami's for "better defense", while Christian Hagan got me 7 points as well.  The big points came, again, from Matt Johnson, who now has 87 fantasy points over the last two weeks after spotting me 43 on Saturday.  Getting Kareem Hunt back got me 12, but he's likely headed back to the bench after pulling his hamstring late in Toledo's game.  Rodney Mills also finally paid off with a 22 point performance at the TE position.


Zippy Squad (Matt) vs Tupande Kileleni (Alex)

Alex had a bad day.  His EMU Eagles lost and his fantasy team got creamed.  Not good.

Alex left a lot of points on the bench, with Drew Kummer and Darian Green putting up 19 and 17 points respectively, but not seeing action over the likes of Phillip Ely and Gerhig Dieter (9 points combined).  The extra points wouldn't have made a difference, but it's still big plays.  He did get a solid game at the RB position nevertheless, getting 24 points from Darius Jackson and another 11 from Anthone Taylor, further solidifying Alex's grasp on "Best RB Corps".

That said, Matt also left a ton of points on the bench.  How many?  Well his starting defense (Akron) got him 19 points.  However, his back-up defense was Buffalo, who scored THREE TIMES on defense to put up a 44 spot.  Woof.  Still, Zach Terrell and Daniel Braverman registered 29 and 28 respectively to lead Matty to victory.

FINAL SCORE:  103-59 zSQUA over AVO

Reece's Huff (Karp) vs Kadeem Goul-Bourne Supremacy (Justin)

In our slobberknocker of the week, Karp narrowly edged Justin despite not starting a defense (in an attempt to avoid losing points despite laxed scoring rules).

Karp elected to leave NIU's defense on his bench, as a certain points allowed mark nets either a penalty of -5 or -10 points (the latter only coming if the defense allows 35+).  However, the Huskies forced five Buckeye turnovers, and put up 22 points in a losing effort.  However, he was bolstered by the return of Jarvion Franklin's beast mode (24 pts), along with Conor Hundley putting up a solid 21 points at the RB2 spot.  James Gilbert also had a good 15 point game as it was needed with Tommylee Lewis and Colin Reardon putting up 3 combined points.

Justin dropped his first game of the year after leaving Derrius Vick on the bench and electing to go with Joe Licata at QB.  Licata struggled with FAU's defense while Vick tore a FCS defense apart for 20 points.  Getting 25 points from Corey Davis and 20 points from Ben McCord helped keep him in this one, as well as getting 29 points from Kent State's defense (thanks Demetrius Monday!), but the 13 combined points from the 5 RB/WR/Flex positions not occupied by Davis hurt Justin too much to win.


Next Week

#5 The Frumpy Apples (1-2) @ #2 Tupande Kileleni (2-1)
#7 Double Fisting Pepsis (1-2) @ #8 Reece's Huff (1-2)
#4 Zippy Squad (2-1) @ #6 Firing Up My Chips (1-2)
#1 Kadeem Goul-Bourne Supremacy (2-1) @ #3 Corey Davis Based God (2-1)