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Belt Loops: Choose new running backs for your team

If you had to pick a new pair of running backs for your squad, who would you use?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Let's play a little game that I just made up in my head.

What is your school? Who are the top 2 listed running backs? Got it? Great! Throw them away, they mean nothing to you!

I'm going to give you some mixed duo of running backs to pick from down below. What I want you to do is pick whichever pair of running backs you'd like to have on your team, given the hypothetical opportunity. But let's be honest and have some fun with this: please don't pick a pair of running backs if either of them are a part of your team. Think outside the box!

For example, my school is Eastern Michigan. Went there, graduated, cried a lot, I still love them for some reason. Since the top two backs for the Eagles are Darius Jackson and Shaq Vann, I cannot pick any pair of backs that include either of the two. I love the way Jackson is playing and fits our offense with his style of play, but I'm going to pick Ohio's A.J. Ouellette and Ball State's James Gilbert. In my play-pretend world, I like to go with the youth and I think they both would play good compliments to each other. They both can run up the middle and could run off-tackle. Ouellette is only averaging 49 yards per game right now, but I have to think that will go up once mid-October rolls around. And James Gilbert is having a really good freshman campaign, should definitely be one of the top names mentioned when we start thinking ahead for the MAC Freshman of the Year Award.