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Hustle Belt Fantasy League - Week 4: Big weeks keep the top guns on top

With the MAC putting up varying performances all over the country before conference play starts, the fantasy league saw a big week for most teams.

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

What an exciting week in the MAC.  Games came down to the wire all day on Saturday and the conference held their own against Power 5 opponents.  In our fantasy league, we saw a flux of points to most teams, with a pair of trades helping out three teams.  Let's start with those before we head into our Week 4 match-ups.

First, James and I hooked up in a quarterback swap:

The Frumpy Apples receives:  Cooper Rush, QB, CMU
Corey Davis Based God receives:  Blake Frohnapfel, QB, UMass & Alonzo Smith, RB, Miami

Then, Russ wanted to upgrade his running-back position a bit:

Double Fisting Pepsis receives:  Travis Green, RB, BGSU & Miami's D/ST
Corey Davis Based God receives:  Joel Bouagnon, RB, NIU & Toledo's D/ST

I can't complain about the trades.  Not at all.  Onto the match-ups

Double Fisting Pepsis (Russ) vs Reese's Huffs (Karp)

This one was crazy, in that it nearly featured a double century score and could've gone the other way had both teams filled their line-ups.  Both forgot to set a defense, which resulted in an 18-point swing in Russ's favor.  Still, they both racked up points like they were playing Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Double Fisting Pepsis Reese's Huffs
Player Pts Position Player Pts
Brogan Roback, EMU 19 QB Colin Reardon, Kent St 17
Trayion Durham, Kent St 17 RB Jarvion Franklin, WMU 6
Travis Greene, BGSU 26 RB Conor Hundley, Akron 22
Robbie Rhodes, BGSU 0 WR Tommylee Lewis, NIU 4
Alonzo Russell, Toledo 6 WR Jordan Williams, Ball St 25
Matt Weiser, Buffalo 19 TE Keith Heitzman, Ohio 4
Marcus Chapman, CMU 5 FLEX Donnell Alexander, Akron 6
Aregeros Turner, NIU 6 FLEX James Gilbert, Ball St 4
Dylan Mulder, EMU 6 K Josiah Yazdani, Ohio 6
no play - D/ST no play -

As you can see, lots of points to be had here.  Getting Greene paid off big here for Russ, as he was the top point getter.  Williams and Hundley had solid games for Karp, but the lack of other scoring from his other options doomed him.  Had he started NIU's defense, he would've had enough, but otherwise was helpless against Roback, Weiser, and Durham's secondary production numbers.

Kadeem Goul-Bourne Supremacy (Justin) vs Corey Davis Based God (Fitz)

In our lone 2-1 vs 2-1 match-up this week, I pounded Justin's face in DESPITE STARTING AN INJURED KAREEM HUNT (I should've started Jamal Wilson and his 13 points instead).  Are you ready?  Because it's about to get ugly:

Kadeem Goul-Bourne Supremacy Corey Davis Based God
Player Pts Position Player Pts
Joe Licata, Buffalo 19 QB Matt Johnson, BGSU 24
Nick Holley, Kent St 0 RB Joel Bouagnon, NIU 11
Martez Walker, CMU 0 RB Shaq Vann, EMU 12
Corey Davis, WMU 4 WR Ryan Burbrink, BGSU 3
Ron Willoughby, Buffalo 12 WR Sebastian Smith, Ohio 12
Ben McCord, CMU 0 TE Shane Wilmann, NIU 0
Kenny Golladay, NIU -1 FLEX Kareem Hunt, Toledo 0
Ronnie Moore, BGSU 13 FLEX Alonzo Smith, Miami 1
Kaleb Patterson, Miami 2 K Christian Hagan, NIU 1
Kent State 4 D/ST Toledo 39

Alonzo Smith didn't pay off.  Kareem was still hurt.  Bouagnon put up O.K. numbers at best, but Toledo's defense tore it up!  Only allowing a kick-off touchdown, they forced 5 turnovers and had 6 sacks in a rout.

Overall, it was more a lack of production from Justin's team than anything.  Getting 0 points from your running backs is just bad.  Getting -1 from Golladay is even worse.  He'll rebound, but not a good day for KGBS.

The Frumpy Apples (James) vs Tupande Kileleni (Alex)

James did alright on his end of the trade.  Though Rush outscored Froh, he was started over Riley Neal, who had a solid 21 points against Northwestern.  Alex won again with a solid running back performance fueling his play.

The Frumpy Apples Tupande Kileleni
Player Pts Position Player Pts
Cooper Rush, CMU 15 QB Phillip Ely, Toledo 11
Damion Jones-Moore 12 RB Darius Jackson, EMU 26
Daz Patterson, Ohio 7 RB Anthone Taylor, Buffalo 6
Roger Lewis, BGSU 4 WR Gehrig Dieter, BGSU 9
KeVonn Mabon, Ball St 0 WR Corey Jones, Toledo 4
Desroy Maxwell, NIU 0 TE Cody Tuttle, EMU 1
Brendan Cope, Ohio 0 FLEX Dustin Creel, EMU 4
Sam Martin, Miami 1 FLEX Darian Green, Ball St 6
Morgan Hagee, Ball St 5 K Tyler Tate, BGSU 5
Western Michigan -3 D/ST Central Michigan -5

Yep, just rough weeks for both of them.  But the lack of production from Lewis, plus no production from the rest of his "reciever-esques" doomed James.  Jackson having a big game helped Alex the most, but his "little points" from Jones, Tuttle, Creel, and Green at the same positions that Jimmy struggled at was the biggest difference in this match-up.

Zippy Squad (Matt) vs Firing Up My Chips (Nick)

Fun note:  Matty plays the waiver wire as good as anyone.  He picked up Tommy Woodson right before the games and I'll let the following breakdown do the rest:

Zippy Squad Firing Up My Chips
Player Pts Position Player Pts
Thomas Woodson, Akron 31 QB Drew Hare, NIU 3
Fred Coppet, BGSU 3 RB AJ Ouellette, Ohio 11
Terry Swanson, Toledo 19 RB Devon Spalding, CMU 7
Daniel Braverman, WMU 18 WR Juwan Brescacin, NIU 0
Chris Gallon, BGSU 2 WR Jesse Kroll, CMU 7
Michael Roberts, Toledo 4 TE Dylan Curry, Ball St 0
Jacob Martinez, Buffalo 0 FLEX Jordan Johnson, Buffalo 6
Tajae Sharpe, UMass 8 FLEX Marken Michel, UMass 4
Robert Stein, Akron 4 K Anthony Melchiori, Kent St 0
Buffalo 1 D/ST Ohio 4

Matt actually left points on his bench in the form of Akron's defense, who had 4 takeaways in a 35-14 win over ULL on Saturday.  But MY GOODNESS!  31 POINTS!  Two passing and one rushing score will do that, but starting Swanson (who scored twice) with Hunt injured was also a great play.  Nothing Nick could do this week, as his CMU and NIU players let him down.

Next Week's Games

#8 Reece's Huff vs #7 The Frumpy Apples
#6 Firing Up My Chips vs #2 Tupande Kileleni
#1 Corey Davis Based God vs #5 Double Fisting Pepsis
#4 Kadeem Goul-Bourne Supremacy vs #3 Zippy Squad