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2015 Hustle Belt MAC Pick'em - Week 5: Conference play begins!

With the headaches of non-conference play over, MAC play brings with it fewer games and more points. Time to separate the MACstradamuses from the MAC Cleo's

Dammit EMU and NIU!

On a week when both were favored by our pickers to win, both lost and hurt people mightily.  NIU was the Game of the Week, causing 4-point swings in the standings in a 17-14 loss to Boston College.  EMU will receive more hate from the MAC community as the Survivor Pool a portion of MAC writers participate in had EMU over Army as the weekly favorite pick.  Now, only 2 people remain left alive.

Anyways, @_pmgd was your winner last week with 13 points.

Full standings breakdown here

Week 5 brings with us a whole new monster:  MAC play!  Conference games are worth 2 points as a base worth, with Game of the Week doubling the points.  Lots of things can happen between now and December.  Let's get to it!

Saturday, October 3rd

Ohio @ Akron - Did you know that we have to wait UNTIL 2 PM for our first MAC game on Saturday?  That's way too long.  Booooooo.  Oh, and Ohio rolls despite Akron looking improved with Thomas Woodson at QB.

Toledo @ Ball State - This is gonna be a good game.  Kareem should be back, though, and the Rockets' offense will dominate that shaky Cardinal defense.

FIU @ UMass - My "Zombie Pool Pick of the Week" because EMU sucks.  Go Froh!

NIU @ CMU - Almost tempted to go the other way here, but I think NIU is still good enough to show CMU up.

BGSU @ Buffalo - Buffalo's offense is what worries me the most.  I don't think they have enough of it to keep up with Bowling Green.

Miami @ Kent State - DEFENSE IS NOT MACTION, KENT!  Psst, Kent State has the 8th best defense nationally in terms of yards given up.

EMU @ #9 LSU - This is your penance, EMU.  Fournette goes for 300 the first half

/drops mic

High Team: Toledo
Low Team: EMU