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#MACtion Open Chat: Football is finally back


Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, after years and years of waiting (oh, it's only been months?) for this day to arrive, we can finally stop pretending that we care about golf and tennis and get to the bloody drama of football season. And we're the passionate fans of the Mid-American Conference, where having football played on the first Thursday of the year would be stupid without a little bit of #MACtion.


VMI vs. Ball State, 7 pm EST

Stony Brook vs. Toledo, 7 pm

Oklahoma State vs. Central Michigan, 7pm

Ohio vs. Idaho, 9 pm

We'll be at the games!

I'll be at the Toledo game catching their home opener without Kareem Hunt & Allen Covington. I'll be tweeting along while catching up with the CMU game from afar to tweet out some updates for you there. Tom will be in attendance as media to give you a full recap of the game afterwards! I've also got a new Ball State contributor, Max, who will be at the Ball State game. You should give him a follow since he'll be tracking the Cardinals all season long. Then Ohio, well, they're way over in Idaho so there's very little chance any of us are going way over there tonight. Don't worry, we'll keep you posted.

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