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Hustle Belt MAC Pick'em Week 2: Full Slate of Non-Conference Games

What a fun week (except for those of us who though Kent State would even stay remotely close with Illinois)!

Last week's winner is Huron Boy.  Lots of people had perfect weeks, but thanks to the Toledo wash-out, over 50% of the "high team" votes were wiped out and Buffalo was the high.  Congrats d00d!

Here is the link for the full scoring results

Now for this week!

Bowling Green @ Maryland - I think BG stays in this game better than they did against Tennessee, but I think Maryland is still good enough to win

Buffalo @ Penn State - Franklin will not have his team come out flat after the Nittany Lions' performance against Temple on Saturday.  Should be a good game still, but can't pick the upset.

Miami @ Wisconsin - lol

Massachusetts @ Colorado - I mean, if you're gonna upset a team, why not be a living copy of the same team that just beat the team you're playing?

Monmouth @ Central Michigan - Cooper Rush will have a field day for one last time

Murray State @ Northern Illinois - The first of two schools that get NIU and WMU back-to-back weeks.  The other school?  Ohio State

Eastern Michigan @ Wyoming - Because I can't yet pick EMU to win anything substantial

Toledo @ Arkansas - You know, even though Toledo ended up making it 16-7, being down 7-3 to Stony Brook in the 2nd quarter is BAD.  The Razorbacks are going to tear the Hunt-less Rockets to shreds.

Pittsburgh @ Akron - Can we not watch this game?  Seriously, Akron vs the James Conner-less Panthers.  Ugh, burn everything!

Delaware State @ Kent State - Hey, they have to get a win every now and then, right?

Western Michigan @ Georgia Southern - One team played at home and only lost to the #5 team by 13 points after a strong 2nd half.  The other went on the road to a strong, but unranked West Virginia team and got blanked.  One has their starting QB, the other has theirs suspended.  One has Corey Davis, the other does not.

Ball State @ Texas A&M - Not yet aboard the TAMU hype train, but damn they'll put up points on the sieve that is the Cardinal defense.

Marshall @ Ohio - Yeah you beat Idaho, but then again, who hasn't?

High Team:  Central Michigan (/vomits uncontrollably)
Low Team: Miami