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Morning Dump: PJ Fleck's envisioning the American dream in Kalamazoo

Introducing Hustle Belt's new link dump series, "Morning Dump"! We'll link you to some MACtion-y posts whether it's from us or we have to outsource for them. We hope you appreciate our crap all the same. Enjoy!

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports
  • Eastern Michigan and Northern Illinois met up on Saturday night for a primetime shooty hoops matchup in DeKalb. The Huskies came out on top 80-63, but not before James Thompson tied the NCAA [and MAC] record for consecutive field goals made.
  • Akron's taking care of business, which isn't even that surprising in all honesty. They're 2-0 in MAC play with wins over Buffalo and Western Michigan, early leaders of the East.
  • We'll be updating MAC men's basketball standings regularly, much like how we did with football this season. It's weird seeing NIU be atop of the West. Not that the standings really matter outside of regular season-end bragging rights as much as total win percentages matter for MAC tournament seeding, but still. It's fun to keep up with anyways. You know, for the bragging rights.
  • #DABtion
  • PJ Fleck knows he's crazy. He still wants to win a National Championship as a MAC coach.
  • Speaking of National Championships, there's one of those on tonight. The mothership's been taking care of everything as far as #content and coverage go. While you're here, you might as well predict the score for Clemson vs. Alabama.