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Morning Dump: Jatavis Brown had a big day in NFLPA Bowl, Ron English coaching again

We'll have a story later today on a transfer cornerback that Miami is going to have for 2016. Here's a little teaser for you.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports
  • I'm going to have a full story later today about this, but Tee Shepard was one of the nation's best cornerback recruits out of high school in 2012. He initially went to Notre Dame, then went to community college for a couple of years before ending up at Ole Miss. Now he's transferring to Miami. I'm excited to share it with you, and I hope it's worth the wait. Until then, here are his highlights from his days at Holmes C.C., courtesy of Hudl.
  • Speaking of four-star recruits, an ex-Illinois commit visited Eastern Michigan this weekend. He's from the same high school as Todd Porter, a transfer JUCO QB that committed to EMU after visiting last weekend. Why yes, I will share both of their highlight tapes with you.
  • Ron English, remember him? I sure do. Oh of course you do too, how could you forget? Well, he's [reportedly] getting a second chance in coaching after being fired at the tail-end of the 2013 season. He'll be joining the San Jose State coaching staff as a defensive coordinator, which is probably his best fit.
  • Want more EMU-centric news? Good! Remember that one time those refs forgot how to do their jobs in the basketball game against Ball State over the weekend? Two of them are suspended for two MAC plays and won't be considered for the MAC Tournament.
  • Something I hadn't noticed when I was at the game, was Francis Kiapway got a little bit too excitedafter he hit the game-winning 3-pointer and taunted the EMU bench.
  • The NFLPA Bowl took place on Saturday night. Nine players out of the MAC participated, but none were as impressive as Akron's Jatavis Brown.