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2015 Hustle Belt MAC Pick'em - The results are in

After a long season, we finally have a champion. Is it you? Only one way to find out!

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who took part in the 4th annual Hustle Belt MAC Pick'em.  It was a long season, and we might've lost some of you along the way, but to the ones who stuck to it week in and week out, you make it all worth it.

Secondly, we had a big bowl season.  With 40 bowls, the opportunity to make a big jump was there, and some of you took it.  Nobody was perfect, but three people hit on every game but the BG/Georgia Southern game.  Congrats to MDZip, Archie, and knight62 for winning the bowl season.

Full breakdown here.

Now for what you all came for, the final results!

As stated previously, I kept the cumulative totals throughout the season.  If you missed three straight weeks or four or more weeks overall, odds are that you weren't kept in the running since I pick every week and do damn well usually.  That means if you missed that much, you weren't in the running anyways.

Overall, there were about 30 of you who stuck through it enough to finish in the final scoring.  Instead of listing everyone on there, I'm just gonna grab the top 15 and give a nice "thanks for playing" to the ones who will be in the spreadsheet (see link below).

Now, for the lower third of those people.

15 Matt Daley 142
14 TD3 143
13 mikewolf011 144
t-11 Mark26pt2 148
t-11 ColinApocalypse 148

Good job, good effort!  To show how big bowl season is, mikewolf011 was near the top of the standings after the MAC Championship.  However, he no-showed in the bowl games and dropped like a rock.  Had he posted a 30 in bowl season, he would've been our champion.

The top 10 now!

10 Trufire 149
9 agralak 151
t-7 Jimhome 154
t-7 istark90 154
t-5 TallMidget57 156
t-5 HuronBoy 156
4 Ay Z1ggy 157

And now here we go.  The final three!

In third, finishing with 159 points........................142niu! Had he not missed Week 13, he may have won.  Alas, that missed week aside, he still finished 3rd.  What's your excuse?

In second, finishing with 163 points.......................Da_Gerd! Incredible total, but not enough to top the champ.

Speaking of, your winner, with 173 points.............

Brown and Gold!

Yep, I'm the champ once again!  We'll bring this back next year with the detailed picks returning. Until then, I leave you with the final scoresheet and a hearty #MACtion to you all.