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2016 MAC Pick’em - Week 7

After last week’s “trap week” moniker fell through, we look ahead to the middle of the month, as MAC play really starts to pick up.

Pick'em Logo Brandon Fitzsimons

Someone last week wrote that the week would be a big "trap game" week. That’s funny, because 11 people went 6-0 in the Pick’em last week, and 7 people tied for first. That’s incredible. To keep things simple, your champion of the week last week is me. Yes, I am the champ. I picked before all of you, so neener neener.

Full breakdown here.

I’m trying to get a cumulative total out there for people that haven’t missed more than 4 weeks (or 3 consecutive weeks), but I can’t say when that’ll happen. Honestly, I’m lazy and it takes some work to do all of that.


Eastern Michigan @ Ohio - What did I just do?

Neo is EMU, Agent Smith is Ohio trying to return the old power to the MAC. I liked the Bobcats a couple weeks ago, but now? I’m not so sure. They’ve looked like crap against two teams that have one combined win and EMU held their own against Toledo for a while. Iggles

Kent State @ Miami - I don’t know if Buffalo is that bad, or the Holley-led Kent State offense is just that good. Probably a mix of both. They take the game over Miami’s JV team.

Ball State @ Buffalo - I don’t know who’s worse: Buffalo or Bowling Green. Either way, the Cardinals get their first MAC win in the Neu Era. Speaking of the Falcons, though...

Bowling Green @ Toledo - It’s not a rivalry if you continuously get pounded by your rivals (amirite CMU fans?). It’s been 6 years since the Trophy Formerly Known As The Peace Pipe has stayed in BG, and it’ll be another year before it’s even back. Toledo rolls

Western Michigan @ Akron (CBSSN) - OK, so I really don’t wanna make this game a GOTW choice, because WMU has held 5 of the 6 titles so far this year (only time they didn’t: Week 2 when they played their FCS opponent). However, given the state of the East right now, this is a potential MAC Championship Preview, with the Zips more secure to make it to Detroit than the Broncos (Toledo still looms large). If you vote it for GOTW, I don’t blame you. The rivalry game above us is lopsided, but let me give you another option...

Central Michigan @ Northern Illinois - Yeahhhhhhh! I like the Huskies here because of how lethal their offense under Anthony Maddie is. They put up 251 rushing yards against WMU last week, and didn’t look all that terrible. Meanwhile, CMU still can’t really run the ball, and this game has all the hate you’ll want.

Diesel the Huskie

RIP Diesel