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2016 Week 7 Recap: Toledo Edges Bowling Green 42-35

Battle of I-75, Indeed

Toledo v BYU Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

In the first half, Toledo made some mistakes at key times that bogged down the potent Rockets offense. They went ahead 14-7 on a Michael Roberts TD reception, and it seemed like their offense would start rolling in the second half. Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for the fans in the stands and the viewers at home, so did the Falcons offense. They were treated to a fantastic game that wasn’t decided until the final seconds.

After stopping Toledo to start the second half, Bowling Green marched down the field to score a tying touchdown. The key play on the drive was a huge 4th down run by Bowling Green Quarterback James Morgan. BGSU’s defense got another stop, with the help of a Toledo penalty, and gave the ball back to their offense with a chance to take the lead. John Stepec had other ideas and got pressure to force Joe Morgan to throw an incomplete pass.

Joe Davidson, the great punter for the Falcons who had an 82 yard punt earlier in the game, out kicked the coverage, allowing for a good return by Toledo. Bowling Green was up for the challenge, and as they made play after to play to hold the Rockets offense, you could feel their emotion build up. On a third down play, that emotion boiled over. There was a late hit on Rockets Tight End Michael Roberts as the ball fluttered harmlessly to the ground. Three plays later, Roberts made them pay with his third touchdown of the game, putting the Rockets up 21-14.

On the ensuing drive, the Falcons had another penalty on an apparent third down conversion, effectively ending the drive. Logan Woodside made them pay almost immediately with a 64 yard pass to Corey Jones. It was time for Freshman QB James Morgan, making only his 4th start, to fold up his tent and go home. He didn’t get the memo. He responded with a 57 yard Touchdown pass of his own.

A pooch kick led to a big return by Jack Linch of the Rockets, something you wont see too often this season. In short order, there was a 63 yard touchdown by Terry Swanson, and surely now, down by 2 scores again, James Morgan would collapse. Again, he didn’t get the memo. He led 2 more long scoring drives, pulling the game even with 3:07 left. A couple of nice passes by Logan Woodside and a tough run by Kareem Hunt brought Toledo down to the 10 with 1:53 left. The Falcons defense put up a valiant effort making tough stop after tough stop, but in the end a penalty did them in. A face mask penalty gave the Rockets 4 more downs, and the Rockets Kareem Hunt scored the final touchdown of the game, giving the Rockets the win.

Both quarterbacks had fantastic games, with Logan Woodside throwing for 322 and 4 touchdowns. James Morgan threw for 335 and 5 touchdowns. Terry Swanson led the Rockets with 112 yards, while Kareem Hunt threw in 99. Fred Coppet had 104 for the Falcons. Scott Miller had another big game for the Falcons, with 149 yards and 3 touchdowns. Tight End Michael Roberts had a great game for the Rockets, with 6 catches for 94 yards and 3 TDs. He also blocked well and caught a 2 point conversion.