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Toledo Rockets vs. Bowling Green Falcons: 5 Things Learned

We learned more about BG than Toledo, but there’s a showdown coming

Bowling Green v Toledo Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images

Rivalry games are always something to behold. Saturday was no different in the Battle for I-75. If I had told you on Friday that BG would be tied with Toledo in the second half of this one, Toledo fans would be apoplectic, and BG fans would be stunned. But, it happened on Saturday. The final was a 7-point Rocket win, in what may be the most surprising result of the young MAC season, but this could have easily been a BG victory. A victory that would have completely redefined both teams’ seasons and the MAC in general in 2016. The other takeaways...

  1. Toledo is loaded on offense. Logan Woodside had another big game, as usual. As usual, someone, or a couple of other someones showed, up, too. Michael Roberts had a huge game at tight end.
  2. James Morgan is going to be really really good for Bowling Green for a long time. In the biggest game of his college career so far, he went toe to toe with one of the best and did not flinch.
  3. Rivalry games matter. On paper, this wasn’t supposed to be a game. It was more than a game, it was a GREAT game. Tough defensive battle in the first half. Shootout in the second half, with the end in doubt the entire game, as it should be.
  4. BGSU has been playing a lot better as of late, even though it hasn’t shown in the win column. As bad as they have been, they just played with one of the best in the conference. Sure the rivalry aspect mattered, but it’s not all voodoo out there. The team is getting better, too.
  5. There’s an epic game coming, the Rockets versus the Broncos. If everything holds as expected, it will be a play-in game for the MAC Championship in Detroit. Western Michigan is grabbing the rankings and the headlines, but Toledo keeps grabbing Ws setting an epic showdown in the season finale.