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Eastern Michigan Eagles at Ohio Bobcats: 5 Things Learned

Eagles fly high, here’s the takeaways

Brogan Roback had a career day
Kenneth Bailey

The Eastern Michigan Eagles beat the Ohio Bobcats 27 to 20 yesterday. This is the first time since 1994 that Eastern Michigan defeated the Bobcats. It was also the first time that Eastern Michigan has won three consecutive road games since 1967. With this win, Eastern Michigan is 5 and 2 and Ohio falls to 4 and 3. So what does all this mean?

Sergio Bailey II had a career day yesterday
Kenneth Bailey

A Leader has emerged from the Eastern Michigan trio of receivers

Sergio Bailey had a career day yesterday. He caught eight passes for a total of 143 yards. He caught one of Eastern Michigan’s three touchdowns. And so far in the games that I have watched, he has been there when Eastern Michigan needed him.

Eastern Michigan still needs to establish their running game

Eastern Michigan only got 88 yards yesterday. Breck Turner led the runners with 50 yards. Although I can’t knock him too hard because when Eastern Michigan needed a first down to seal the game, he got it. Still, I would like to see their rushing game over 100 yards.

Ohio may have a quarterback.

Maxwell Quinto entered the game in relief and ended up going 17 for 26 for 188 yards. He threw one interception but also threw one touchdown. Those aren’t poor numbers.

Just like O’Hare Airport
Kenneth Bailey

Both teams need work in the secondary.

Eastern Michigan passed for 347 yards. Ohio passed for 291 yards. We knew going into this game that both teams need work in the secondary. This game confirmed it.

Eastern Michigan has a kicking game

So far Paul Fricano has been automatic on his point after attempts. He’s only missed two field goals. Hopefully this trend continues.

Next week, Eastern Michigan travels to Waldo Stadium. Eastern Michigan is going to need to have everything go their way in order to win. Ohio travels to Kent State where they have a chance. Good luck to both.