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2016 MAC Pick’em - Week 8

Last week provided a couple trap games that we missed a week ago, and now we head to the last full slate of weekend MACtion

Pick'em Logo Brandon Fitzsimons

/shakes fist

DAMN YOU, KENT STATE. I put 3 points on the Golden Flashes to beat Miami, and they folded like a wet blanket. Still, it wasn’t a terrible week as I hit the 24-point suplex when WMU drilled Akron. A couple of you joined me, and didn’t miss as many other games to grab the win, so congrats to SabosGoggles, Rocket A, and Tallmidget57 on the win this week.

Full breakdown here

Before we get to this week’s picks, there is one more announcement I have to make. I noted that the cumulative totals were needing to be done, and that I was too lazy to do them. Turns out, I had a lull last week and got around to them. Remember, to be counted, you have to miss fewer than 4 weeks, and you can’t miss three consecutive weeks. If you did either of those, you were either deleted from the early versions of the spreadsheet or were omitted from joining.

Therefore, I present to you the current leaders of the Pick’em. I’m in 5th, so watch out, everyone.


Central Michigan @ Toledo - Remember when CMU was the best team in the MAC (according to their fans)? Pepperidge Farm remembers. I bet the Rockets do too. They will rebound from an ugly win (albeit in a rivalry game) to keep rolling towards that Black Friday showdown against WMU.

Miami @ Bowling Green - I keep going back and forth on this one. Miami beat a confusing Kent State team last week, and has Gus Ragland back. Meanwhile, BG finally showed signs of life and nearly beat Toledo. Still, I think that was a one-off thing via the rivalry, and the RedHawks take this one. I know my one-point game though.

Ohio @ Kent State - Uhhh.......maybe I take that last sentence back. Ohio has no runningback. Kent has no quarterback. Ohio just has more weapons in the passing game to stay alive. And to think, had Kent won last weekend, this would’ve been a massive match-up in the MAC East....

Akron @ Ball State - It’s ok, Zip fans. You still have a really nice stadium and possibly the best media spread in the MAC. Ball State beat Buffalo, but what two-dimensional team hasn’t beaten the Bulls this year?

Buffalo @ Northern Illinois - The other team I put some misguided trust in. Enjoy staying at home this year, Huskies. At least you get the Bulls to end your home losing streak.

Eastern Michigan @ Western Michigan - No school has won three straight Michigan MAC trophies in football since its inception in 2005. EMU has won back-to-backs (twice!), and CMU split those with a back-to-back of their own. WMU, however, can change that. They’re 5-0 against their two rivals since 2014, it’s time to complete the trifecta.