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Eastern Michigan at Western Michigan in Pictures

There were so many footballs flying at Waldo Stadium, they needed air traffic control.

Yesterday I traveled to beautiful Waldo Stadium to catch the Eagles as they try to knock the Broncos of Western Michigan from the unbeaten ranks. As I said in my preview, I thought the only way this would happen is if Eastern could force a couple of mistakes on Western Michigan. I knew that would be a tall order as Western Michigan turned the ball over twice in the prior seven games. Eastern Michigan managed to get the two turnovers but they had a hard time stopping the juggernaut.

As I looked at the stats prior to the game, I figured that both teams would be pretty pass heavy. And they were. Both teams threw a combined 700 yards in the air. If there is such a thing as a moral victory, Eastern Michigan manged to hold Western Michigan's rushing game below the average so far. Sadly, there is no such thing as a moral victory as Eastern fell to Western Michigan by a score of 45-31.