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Western’s PJ Fleck all over ESPN on Tuesday. DVR accordingly.

MACtion to Bristol, baby

NCAA Football: Western Michigan at Northwestern Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Let it not be said that PJ Fleck doesn’t do things outside the box for the betterment of his program. ESPN has a thing called the “Car Wash” where coaches come up to Bristol and hit all the shows, the live hits, the radio segments, and just generally build the brand of their program for the betterment of it. Most coaches do it over the summer, but PJ Fleck isn’t most coaches and will make history on Tuesday when he visits Bristol and goes through the “Car Wash” experience.

The head coach of the 20th-ranked Broncos doing it is a feat unto itself, but the timing on it is gigantic. This is the first time that ESPN has featured a coach to come on the Car Wash during the season and the first time in MAC history a coach has made the appearance.

The ESPN “Car Wash” is a grouping of all the shows on ESPN that guests appear on. Shows the Broncos will be represented on include SportsCenter, Russillo & Kanell, College Football Live and the Paul Finebaum Show among others all day from 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM. Fleck on Finebaum?!? Please let him take calls. Make it so, Gods of football.

It’s another great thing in a long line of great things to build the Bronco brand and (if we’re being completely honest) the Fleck brand. Some will argue it’s the next thing on the PJ Fleck Land-A-Bigger-Job Tour, but what if Fleck is actually building something worth staying around for? It’s probably a pipe dream, but what if? What if he’s able to put down a foundation that makes him want to stay? What if he actually does? That’s a dream scenario for Broncos fans.

Regardless, set your DVRs for tomorrow, fans of MACtion and here’s to hoping he’s able to drop a few “Elite”s or some “Row the Boat”s on the Bristol crew. I have a feeling that’s going to happen.